Deuterium Depleted Water - DDW, Light Water, Deupletion, and its Astounding Health Benefits


Your body is 70% water volumetrically. And it’s 99% water molecularly! So naturally, the *kind* of water you’re made of will have the greatest influence in your health. Yes, diet and lifestyle are important. But water is even more important.
So I want to introduce you to my absolute favorite kind of therapeutic drinking water. It’s truly one of nature’s miracles, and perhaps the most brilliant medical discovery of the 20th century. It’s called deuterium-depleted water. Do-what??
Deuterium! It’s an isotope of hydrogen. This is one of the main differences between the water found on earth now, versus the water that our ancestors drank. Ancient water had lower levels of hydrogens evil twin, deuterium. It has all the same properties as regular hydrogen, except it's twice as heavy cause it has an extra neutron.
So deuterium is "heavy hydrogen,” which is why deuterium rich water is called “heavy water” and deuterium depleted water is “light water"
And although it behaves like regular hydrogen in the environment, it acts way different than regular hydrogen in chemical reactions inside our bodies. It disrupts ATP synthase, breaks your mitochondrial turbines, prevents DNA from replicating optimally, unstructures intracellular fluid, and overall just wreaks havoc on health.
And for a number of reasons ranging from drinking water quality to diet to lifestyle, modern people have way too much D inside their cellular fluid. One study in Hungary found that in cancer patients treated with light water, survival time increased four-fold! In addition to all of that, studies have shown that DDW has antioxidant properties, increases metabolic detoxification, can function as an antidepressant and it balances out glucose metabolism. It’s been used for Alzheimer’s disease, brain fog and MCI, endocrine dysfunction, hormonal imbalance says, seizures, metabolic dysfunction, and more. And it plays such a crucial role in cancer, that 25 ppm light water is actually registered as a cancer medication in Hungary.
AND heavy, deuterium-rich water is used to preserve viruses inside vaccine vials during transport, before injection. Because viruses can’t survive in light water, but thrive in heavy water. The same is true within your body!
So, what do we do with this knowledge?
Well, if you have serious health concerns, and you want professional medical help with your D levels, The Center for Deuterium Depletion can use MRI to map the patterns of D in your body—in your hair, nails, your DNA. Doctors there can recommend you a protocol to deplete it.
But, simply drinking light water is the easiest and most accessible way to deplete your deuterium levels.
The best deupleted waters are Litewater and Qlarivia.
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And to find out the role of Deuterium Depleted Water in C0v!d, specifically ~ watch this video.