Litewater 10 ppm Deuterium Depleted Water - 8 Liters Total (4 Bottles)

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Litewater 10 ppm Deuterium Depleted Water - 8 Liters Total (4 Bottles)
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Litewater-10 is the most Deuterium Depleted drinking water in the world!

This exclusive achievement allows it to be used as a "concentrate".

The Litewater-Mix protocol shows you how to multiply the volume of Litewater-10 DDW lowering the costs for your personal maintenance, therapeutic or anti-aging program.

Dilute 1:1 with regular 150 ppm water to get 80 ppm DDW.

Dilute 2:1 (2 parts regular water) and 103 ppm DDW. 

Dilute 3:1 and get 115 ppm DDW. 

Dilute 4:1 and get 122 ppm DDW.  THE BEST LONG TERM VALUE!*


Optimize your Cellular Energy by Depleting Deuterium

Reduce Deuterium Interference by Drinking Litewater Daily


Drinking Litewater deuterium depleted water allows you to lower your body's deuterium levels at your own pace and maintain the easiest most powerful anti-aging strategy that exists.


From the first published study on on deuterium depleted water in 1961 to the 2007 discovery of just how deuterium damages mitochondria, the geroprotective benefits of being deuterium depleted are clear.

Recommended Use

To deplete deuterium it is generally recognized that 45-90 days on Litewater is needed. Watch this 1 minute video. Answer these questions and find the strategy right for you.

What we commonly refer to as water, consume every day, use to prepare foods and beverages, irrigate our lawns, wash our clothes and put out fires, is more complex in its composition than is indicated by the popular chemical formula “H2O”. Chemically speaking, natural water predominantly consists of three molecules: H2O, HDO and D2O, and if you consider all the isotopes of oxygen and the various configurations, there are really 63 different types of water molecules known, in approximately the following ratios.

Breakdown of Hydrogen Isotopes in Earth's Water


Deuterium depleted water (DDW), also referred to as light water is a term given to a unique composition of water in which the natural deuterium content is at least 15% less than 155 ppm, which the the deuterium content of the ocean and the highest level present in the natural waters on Earth. In a 1 Liter bottle of regular water there is about 6 drops of heavy water a.k.a, HDO.




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