Deuterium Depleted Water (Case of 24) - Qlarivia

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Deuterium Depleted Water (Case of 24) - Qlarivia
Deuterium Depleted Water (Case of 24) - Qlarivia
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Case of 24 bottles** 

Ships in the U.S. only


Have you been paying attention to the leading edge of health science, Deuterium Depletion? 


Reducing toxic deuterium (heavy hydrogen) from the body may be the most profound and comprehensive health upgrade of our time.  Water scientist, Robert Slovak, is one of the early investigators of this new health-science and has presented the subject to audiences worldwide.

Replacing some of your regular water consumption with QLARIVIA Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) you can begin to gradually reduce your toxic load of deuterium. What makes QLARIVIA so special is its content of deuterium (heavy hydrogen) has been reduced to 25 ppm compared to all regular water on Earth at 150 ppm! QLARIVIA uses the most advanced and effective process referred to as “Vacuum Assisted Fractional Distillation-Rectification”.                         


Consuming QLARIVIA regularly will entirely transform the molecular composition of your body’s most abundant (99.8%) substance – WATER.


Drink at least half a liter of Qlarivia a day. Even a single bottle of Qlarivia, preferably in the morning, helps to balance deuterium in the body.


Beginning Your Deuterium Depletion Program:


Start your journey by consuming a ½ liter bottle of QLARIVIA 25 ppm DDW per day. This is the minimum that can gradually begin to replace the high level of endogenous deuterium that has built up in your body.


To assure the results you’re looking for, we recommend you limit your remaining intake of regular drinking water, beverages and food preparation water to 1 ½ L.


Also recommended is incorporating one or more of the following health habits which contribute to the reduction of endogenous deuterium. 

Ketogenic diet

Intermittent fasting


Starting out exceptions -If necessity arises, one can occasionally exceed this up to 2 L with the understanding that it will increase the length of time to deplete to the first stage goal of 120 ppm of endogenous deuterium.




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