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Water Vitalizing Tools & Biohacking Strategies For Ultimate Hydration

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The Best Water Is Found At Wild Springs

Collect raw, wild, living water directly from mother nature.

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Stem Cells and Skin water-is-life

Find Out What's In Your Water

Regardless of where you source your water from - tap water, well water, bottled water, etc - you may want to test for contaminants.

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A Curated List of the BEST Water Filters

Find the highest quality water filters tailored specifically
to your needs.
Either get a good filter, or your body will become the filter.

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Create Structured Water - The Fourth Phase of Water - A Living Liquid Crystal

To recreate spring-quality water, bring its molecular structure into coherence. Structured water has profound therapeutic effects and is far more bioavailable and hydrating.

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Remineralize, Aerate & Restore Water

Just like us, water needs to eat. Her nourishment is minerals and electrolytes. And just like us, water needs to breathe. She breathes via aeration and dissolved gasses like hydrogen and oxygen. Restore water to balance and wholeness.

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Pattern, Program & Mature Water

Structured water is like a battery that needs charging. Charge your water by enlivening it with a spectrum of vibrational frequencies. Because water holds memory, it carries these energetic imprints within its structural matrix, and transfers them into the subtle energy field of your own bodywater.

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Water Vessels

The vessel you drink from is like a portable water altar. These vessels will help your water keep its crystallinity.

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Ennoble Your Body Water

Your body is 70% water volumetrically, and 99.92% water molecularly. Hydration is less about your drinking water, and more about optimizing the water you're already made of.

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Bathe in Living Water

Hydrotherapy is an ancient form of water healing, and our daily baths and showers are a chance for a reviving baptism if the water is high quality.

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Therapeutic Waters


Bottled Waters

The following waters are extremely high quality
specialized waters that you might drink therapeutically for their unique levels of certain gasses (like hydrogen and oxygen)
or minerals or structure or isotopes.

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More Water Goodies

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Dive into Water Wisdom

Water is an infinite mystery - the more we learn about water, the more we understand ourselves, nature and the beauty of existence throughout the universe. It's the most empowering study, and holds the missing keys for humanity's toughest questions. Water discoveries are on the cutting edge of medicine, ecology, agriculture, quantum physics, spirituality, and more.

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