A Morning Brew of Hydration and Energy: Quantum-Charged Hydrating Morning Tea

Let me introduce you to my favorite hydrating, energizing morning tea.

Our ritual begins with the cuia, the traditional yerba mate gourd invented in indigenous Andean, South American cultures. The cuia is a symbol of community and connection, used for centuries in mate ceremonies to bring people together to share stories, wisdom, and the invigorating elixir of the mate leaves.

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In our modern twist with hydration alchemy, we elevate this ancestral practice by charging the cuia in the Infinity Bloc, infusing it with specific vibrational frequencies to enhance the tea's life-giving properties. 

I like a metal cuia, for its ability to retain these frequencies indefinitely, transforming our tea experience into a quantum infusion of well-being. In fact, you can charge ANY metal in an Infinity bloc, and it will retain the higher frequncy indefinitely! This particular cuia resonates with the frequency of ORMUS gold and molecular hydrogen, alongside the frequencies of abundance and prosperity, channeled through Leela Quantum frequency cards. These cards are designed to harness quantum energy and imbue objects with specific energetic properties, offering a unique way to align our physical environment with our spiritual and material aspirations.

ORMUS gold, often associated with heightened spiritual consciousness and rejuvenation, is said to organize water clusters, ensuring that the biowater within our bodies maintains its inherent structure, promoting vitality and well-being. Ormus is also present at higher quantities in the most high-quality springwater in the world.

Molecular hydrogen serves as a potent antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals and supporting cellular health. In synergy, these frequencies supercharge our morning brew, not only hydrating the body but also nourishing the soul.

As we blend the tea, each ingredient is meticulously chosen for its hydrating benefits.

Yerba Mate stands at the forefront, a revered herb known for its gentle, sustained energy release. Unlike the abrupt jolt provided by coffee, Yerba Mate offers clarity and focus, complemented by an array of minerals crucial for the oceanic mineral composition of our biowater. Recent studies have shown that it can increase GLP-1 levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and is very satiating. Rich in antioxidants, it surpasses even green tea in its capacity to purge the body of free radicals.

In this well-curated hydration concoction, blood sugar regulation is paramount. When your glucose spikes, your body expends a lot of biowater in the process of regulating yourself back to homeostasis. So keeping your blood sugar nice and steady is a pro hack for peak hydration.

I then add raw whole-leaf steviaDefinitely get whole-leaf stevia herb, rather than the processed kind which is full of chemicals. The glycosides in stevia that can actually relax the blood vessels, leading to better bodywater flow. Quercetin, kaempferol, and the other glycoside compounds in stevia help to eliminate free radicals in the body, keeping your biowater terrain more negatively charged.

Cinnamon adds a touch of warmth and further stabilizes glucose levels, ensuring that our body's waters flow smoothly and unfettered.

Horsetail, is one of the top hydration powerhouses within this recipe. With its rich silica content, it fortifies the structural integrity of our body's tissues. It is a wonderfully hydrating herb, thanks to its high amounts of organified silica, which help the body to retain moisture and intracellular hydration. 

Consider the way artificial silica inserts are kept inside bags of perishable food to retain moisture. Well, natural organic silica (such as is found in Horsetail, and in other hydration enhancers such as crystal energy drops) also helps your body to hang onto moisture in a similar way.  


We then add marshmallow root, abundant in mucilage, acts as nature's moisturizer, soothing and hydrating from within. Marshmallow root is demulcent, which means that it's high in anti-inflammatory mucilage, a gelatenous substance produced by all plants in varying degrees that helps them store H2O. (Mucilage-rich plants have been used to fight inflammation for over 4,000 years, FYI.) And its ability to hold on to water carries over in your system. That means the water literally sticks to your insides, which has a moistening and soothing effect on you internally.


The final addition is a mix of flavorful and satiating glucose stabilizers – rosehips, cardamom, elderflower, chamomile, dandelion root, and fenugreek – not only delight the palate but also harmonize the body's energy levels, ensuring sustained vitality and hydration throughout the day. Because remember - blood sugar swings don't only spike your glucose, they also expend quite a bit of biowater which is dispatched to bring any bodily extreme back into harmony. So glucose stabilization is a part of any well-rounded hydration strategy. 


Then, of course, you'll add hot water. However I don't recommend boiling the water, as that can destroy its molecular structure. 


As we sip this quantum-infused brew, I invite you to get present and feel. Let it be a ritual, a communion, a chance to deepen into your somatic awareness of the herbal water which, with each sip, is becoming a part of you. Welcome in the high quality, high vibration, sustained energy and hydration all throughout the day.




Some other fantastic tea tools to keep your elixirs crystalline and energized:

The Angelica Teacup by Flaska: Although boiling water destroys the molecular crystallinity, this teacup ensures that as the water cools down, it will cool with coherence rather than chaos. So you can be sure that even your hot tea is still beautifully crystalline!

Crystal tea infusers: Water responds to coherence, and crystals have a high degree of coherence - that's what makes them crystals! So infuse your tea using these, to infuse it with the healing vibrations of rose quartz, amethyst, fluorite, tiger eye, citrine, aventurine, or any crystal of your choice.