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Leela Quantum Frequency Cards
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Smart energy to go. The Leela Quantum Tech cards easily fit inside your pocket or wallet and are ideal for those who are always busy running around. The stylish cards look like credit cards and have been refined with powerful, positive frequencies. We have worked with some world-renowned healers and healer trainers to exclusively provide you with the purest and most effective frequencies for all your needs. Each frequency has also been given its own mandala, which decorates the golden cards and to which the frequency is precisely tuned. Increase your physical and mental performance and feel energized from morning to night. The frequency cards have been charged carefully with gentle quantum energy and can work as sleep support, when put beneath your pillow.
    • Charged with the specific frequency and quantum energy.
    • Golden look, in convenient credit card format.
    • Perfect for travel, to wear in a pocket, or put underneath a pillow at night.
    • Each card contains a specifically designed mandala that matches and/or supports the frequency on the card.


Per testimonials and the healers that participated in making this frequency, INNER PEACE would be well used in any situations regarding stress, anxiety, panic, personal loss, “heavy heart” and inner anger. It’s intended to support us in situations like the above, and the frequency also works in a way that we can start learning how to create and establish the state of inner peace within ourselves again, on our own. In many life situations that can seem pretty tough. As long as we find it challenging to recreate it, we can leverage this inner peace frequency.

It’s important to note that we tend to end up in situations of loss, anger, anxiety, panic, etc., because there’s something life needs to teach us, in other words, there’s something we need to learn. Using pharmaceuticals suppresses these symptoms, but does not solve the root causes. This frequency set is designed so that it can help support us while not taking away the lesson(s) we are supposed to learn. It makes it easier to deal with the symptoms and to find relief, but also to solve the underlying imbalances over time.
This frequency set is actually a combination of natural supplements that help with anxiety, stress, etc., as well as a true inner peace healing frequency set, specifically added by two healers together in order to achieve the above…more inner peace.