Vortex Magnetic Energizer (VME) Platinum

Vendor Vibrant Vital Water
Vortex Magnetic Energizer (VME) Platinum
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Purchase includes:

  • VME
  • Lithos Crystal
  • Triskelion
  • Activate
  • Sri Yantra sticker
  • Flower of Life sticker
  • Carry pouch
  • Earth Resonance Tensor Ring
  • #2 food grade rubber washers
  • Instruction/Introduction pamphlet

There are three different glass bottles from the USA that will fit the VME.
1) Mountain Valley Spring Water 34 oz
2) Starkey Spring Water 34 oz
3) Mickey’s Malt Liquor 40 oz
4) All plastic water and soda pop bottles

If you live outside the USA and choose to use glass bottles, look for
bottles that have similar threads as pop and plastic water bottles. When you
thread VME onto the glass bottle, make sure it goes on with ease, otherwise
you can damage the threads.

Here’s some of the Resonance Alchemy syllables, we recommend you using them as you Create your personal Full-spectrum Healing water. Remember to always recite syllable nine times and follow it up with three times of “AL TOR KRI AM TUR MAK”.

1) DUR LA NOK KEE, Detoxing Water

2) A KEEM KA BA LA, Raising water back to spring state

3) KRI SHA AM, Liquid crystal

4) A LA RA SHA AM, Diamond Liquid Plasma

5) A LA TUR AL ZAM, Omniscience, state of knowing everything

6) HAM HET HUM, Source Energy – God Head

7) AM CHARA RAE AM DOR, Foundation – Earth Element

8) AM CHARA RAE SHA AM TU, Water Element

9) KRI AM A LA TUR SHA AM TU, Clearing Inflammation/Toxins

10) AM CHARA RAE KRI LAUM HAR MOR, Entering into Divine Service

11) AM CHARA RAE DUR AL KEM, Elemental Balance

12) KRI AM A’LA TUR SHA AM TU A’MI’NEY’NA’TUR, for clearing pathogens

13) KRI AM A LA TUR AH MA NA, For Clearing and Balancing

14) A LA TUR SHA AM TU, for clearing Toxins, Flowing Waters

15) A LA TUR AMURA Don, for Regeneration

16) KRI AM AMORA RAE HAR LO,  Regeneration