Free and Total Chlorine Water Test

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Free and Total Chlorine Water Test
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Recommended for targeted testing of free and total chlorine concentrations in drinking water. Chlorine is used by most US water utilities to control waterborne pathogens and other microbiology. During chlorination, chlorine is added to water and reacts with inorganic and organic materials to deactivate bacteria and kill microorganisms. The leftover chlorine that is not used to meet the chlorine demand is called total chlorine. Total chlorine is made up of:

Free Chlorine: Leftover chlorine that is ready to deactivate bacteria.
Combined Chlorine: Chlorine that has reacted with inorganic or organic molecules that can no longer deactivate bacteria. Your combined chlorine might include chloramine or trihalomethanes.

This Tap Score water test package provides all required materials to properly collect and submit a sample for certified laboratory testing. Reported results will include a detailed analysis of chlorine (free and total) in drinking water.

Note: Given the very volatile nature of chlorine, it is one of the few contaminants that is well tested on-site. Every Tap Score test in the City Water Test Collection includes an on-site test for free and total chlorine.


Free and Total Chlorine Water Test

Is this the right test for you?

What our scientists say:

“ Total chlorine is the sum of free chlorine and combined chlorine in your water supply. Free chlorine is chlorine available to disinfect contaminants in water. Chlorine that is already bound up with compounds is called "combined chlorine."


This is the right test if you:

    • Are served by a water utility, or a private or shared well that has been recently disinfected by shock chlorination.
    • Concerned about chlorination and disinfection-related processes.
    • Water that tastes or smells of chemicals, chlorine, or bleach.


How it works

  • Collect Sample

    1. Collect Sample

    We ship you everything you need to test your drinking water, including a guide on how to collect your sample.

  • Ship to Lab

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    Send your sample back to us for rigorous, certified, independent testing. The shipping’s on us!

  • Get Report

    3. Get a Report

    After our labs analyze your sample, we’ll send you a full report on what's in your water and what to do next. 


    Your custom Tap Score awaits.

    After our certified labs receive and test your water sample, we will email your custom Tap Score Report, a simple digital tool that helps you understand exactly what’s in your water and what you can do about it. LEARN MORE