Self-Testing Coliform Bacteria

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Self-Testing Coliform Bacteria
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Test your drinking water for the presence of coliform bacteria with this at-home self-testing kit. Coliform sometimes appears in water supplies due to leaking septic tanks or improperly treated utility water. This at-home kit can be a cost effective way to screen for this common bacteria. However, for precise, high-accuracy testing, we recommend an in-lab testing package.

Important: This at-home test kit should be ordered as an addition to a laboratory test package (i.e. Core Kit: Essential, Advanced, or Extended package). Results from lab testing are often very important towards making sense of self-testing kit results.


How it works

  • Collect Sample

    1. Collect Sample

    We ship you everything you need to test your drinking water, including a guide on how to collect your sample.

  • Ship to Lab

    2. Ship to Lab

    Send your sample back to us for rigorous, certified, independent testing. The shipping’s on us!

  • Get Report

    3. Get Report

    After our labs analyze your sample, we’ll send you a full report on what's in your water and what to do next.



    Your custom Tap Score awaits.

    After our certified labs receive and test your water sample, we will email your custom Tap Score Report, a simple digital tool that helps you understand exactly what’s in your water and what you can do about it. LEARN MORE