PureSync – 5 Stage Undersink Structured Water Filter System

Vendor Greenfield Water Solutions
PureSync – 5 Stage Undersink Structured Water Filter System
PureSync – 5 Stage Undersink Structured Water Filter System
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The Greenfield Water Solution’s Under Sink Structured Water Filter Solution system offers a triple-stage filtration, structuring, and energizing process right at your kitchen sink, harnessing cutting-edge German water filtration technology and housed in Italian-made clear housing. Our included filters comprehensively target a broad spectrum of contaminants, including Fluoride, Arsenic, Pharmaceuticals, and more, with third-party lab test results available for verification.

Stage 1 – pHA Technology: Utilizes a pre carbon-based hydrogen catalyst with potent adsorbent properties for pH adjustment.
Stage 2 – ElectroPure Contaminant Removal: Harnesses cutting-edge Electro Adsorption Technology, utilizing electrical charge fields to capture and eliminate contaminants.
Stage 3 – FluoriPure Fluoride Filter: Employs advanced adsorption techniques to selectively reduce/eliminate fluoride ions.
Stage 4 – Structuring: Enhances hydration through toroidal vortexing principles, promoting vitality, energy, and improved filtration performance.
Stage 5 – Energization: Utilizes our integrated harmonizer to infuse the water with resonances and valuable information, optimizing its energetics for superior cellular utilization.

Optional Add-On – Mineralization: After filtration, pH enhancement is achieved using 99.99% pure MgO + CaO, provides significant benefits for people, plants, and animals while inhibiting corrosion. (This stage is optional, as our filters never remove any source minerals.)

Benefits of the PureSync:

1.) Comprehensive Contaminant Reduction/Removal – Refer to our brochure for in-depth information on how our system effectively addresses a wide array of contaminants.

2.) Cost-Effective Maintenance – Thanks to advanced German technology and our in-house media mixing, annual filter replacement costs remain low.

3.) Biomimicry-Inspired Technology – Our system is meticulously designed with biomimicry principles, ensuring the absence of common negative side effects associated with ROs and salt-based softeners.

The filter system is shipped with two water dispenser options:

  • Connects to your cold water faucet.
  • Connects to a stand-alone stainless water dispenser.

For installation guides and videos, please refer to the links provided below.

Please note that the system may come with either blue or gray housing lids.

Dimensions: 17.5″ L x 5.25″ W x 14.75″ D.

5-Stage Undersink Structured PureSync System

Advanced Contaminant Mitigation and User-Friendly Maintenance

  • Health Protection: The removal of contaminants such as Fluoride, Arsenic, Pharmaceuticals, and thousands of otherand others is vital to safeguarding your health.
  • Enhanced Wellness:

    The elimination of impurities with the addition of structuring and energizing ensures the water you consume supports your overall well-being, vitality, and life-force.

  • Ease of Installation: Our system is designed with simplicity in mind. Installation is straightforward, making it accessible for homeowners of varying technical expertise.
  • Affordable Maintenance: Beyond the initial installation, our system offers cost-effective maintenance. With German-engineered technology and in-house media mixing, annual filter replacements are budget-friendly.

Imagine a revolutionary approach to water purification that goes beyond traditional methods. Enter ElectroPure™, a game-changing technology that sets new standards in the industry. Here’s how it works:

Electroadsorptive Innovation:

ElectroPure™ is not your typical water purification media. Unlike mechanical filter media, it operates on the principle of electroadsorption. This means it doesn’t just mechanically filter out contaminants; it actively attracts and captures them.

The Power of Positive Charge:

At the heart of ElectroPure™ is its unique crystal structure, which naturally generates a robust positive charge. This charge acts as a magnetic force field, drawing in submicron contaminants that carry a negative charge.

Microscopic Precision:

ElectroPure™ features an electro-positive wet-laid nonwoven design with pores measuring just 1.2 – 1.5 microns. This level of precision allows it to capture even the tiniest particles and pathogens, mechanically removing larger particles along the way.

pH-Responsive Enhancement:

When exposed to water within a pH range of 5 – 9, ElectroPure™ comes to life. It taps into the natural crystal structure of its fibers to generate a charge potential that extends deep into the fiber pore structure, enhancing its purification capabilities.