Portable Structured Water Revitalizer - White

Vendor Natural Action Technologies
Portable Structured Water Revitalizer - White
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Based on the principles of biomimicry, the structured water portable unit is a small handheld flowform that revitalizes water, giving it crystallinity and ionic charge. Because it's nice and compact, it's perfect to use while traveling, or dining at a restaurant or friends house, to make sure that ALL water you drink is actually hydrating you.

Pouring water through the flowform not only gives water a beautiful crystallinity and structure, it also helps aerate the water so it holds more oxygen.  Please note that this flowform is NOT a filter. So if you're starting with city tapwater or any contaminated source water, you'll also want to get a high quality filter to first clean the water before enlivening it. Check out the “filtration” tab on this site for our carbon-filter recommendation.

After being vortexed through the structured water portable unit, your oxygenated water becomes anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, boosts the immune system and accelerates recovery. Plus the water is crystalline, so it's far more bioavailable and energetically vibrant, translating to more hydroelectric energy for your cells.

Our vitality is a direct measure of our hydration. We are bodies of water, after all! So high quality water means high quality health. It's not enough just to make sure our water is clean. It must ALSO be ENERGIZED.

As Dr. Gerald Pollack said, "Indeed, structured water could turn out to be the "wonder drug" of the 21st century."

Energized water brings more energy and clarity, because it has a higher photonic and bioenergetic field. It helps reduce toxins and free radicals in the body. It helps your body with nutrient absorption, improves your circulation, reduces inflammation, increases energy, and overall has a tonic and adaptogenic effect on every system of the body.

Personally, I take my portable structurer everywhere.


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