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The product (Moonlight) can be described as minerals plus zeolite in a base of humic and fulvic acid that have been balanced then imploded. Moonlight can be used to detoxify and balance minerals in the body. These minerals, also known as ORMUS, nano-minerals, Manna, and a few other names, are several orders of magnitude smaller than a hydrogen atom. The elements themselves cannot be detected through a chemical analysis and if the product is analyzed it should show sulfate ions and zeolite. Other than that it is pure water. If we had a microscope strong enough, the hydrogen atom would appear the size of a medicine ball and would be surrounded by millions of blurred bee bee size structures. It would appear that these units are vibrating. Once in contact with organic matter, living or dead,the minerals will reproduce themselves in the proportionate amount that is required by each different organism or as with dead material continue to move in and out of our world.

With negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) Moonlight will

Increase your Reserves of Buffering Minerals
Balances your pH to support elimination of toxic heavy metals and toxic biochemical compounds produced by parasites and microbes

Accelerate your Chemical Exchanges
Faster generation of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate captures energy from food breakdown and releases it to fuel other cellular processes. Faster metabolic efficiency gives you many benefits:

  • Faster generation of internal ATP (more energy)
  • Efficient elimination from both bowel and bladder (cleansing weight loss)
  • Lower triglycerides levels (fat) as fat reserves burn off
  • Internal pH balance supports elimination of toxic heavy metals and toxic biochemical compounds produced by parasites and microbes

This cascade of nano-minerals will flood into your system and act quickly upon ingestion.With this new source of nutrients your body will build defenses and harmonize physiological reactions.

Consequently, healing starts immediately. Overall food intake will be reduced, activity levels will increase and bowel movements should occur within an hour after a meal.

Your increased energy will draw you towards doing the “right things” instead of the toxic lifestyle of junk food while sitting on a couch. You’ll be attracted to wholesome foods and more physical activity, increasing muscle mass that further supports healthy metabolic balance.

Moonlight is made through a unique process – a combination of energetically treated water and nano-minerals extracted from Humic and Fulvic Acid interacting with micronized Zeolite.

Directions for Use

The initial serving on day one should only be just a single drop of the MoonLight. This will introduce the body to the minerals and start the biochemical changes. The second day the serving should be increased to 2 drops. The third day 4 drops etc. until a maximum of 10 drops/day is reached. Each daily amount can be doneat one time or throughout the day put under the tongue.

The responses are: that the material should tasteless, that a detoxification may occur as early as the second day (headaches, joint aches etc.) and bowel movement volume and frequency should increase.

If you develop a cleansing reaction, stop using the product, drink water, wait to stabilize and resume daily amounts for a longer period before advancing. Once one or more of these reactions occur the daily serving should be maintained for a minimum of 2 months and it is recommended for at least 6 months.

Maintenance level of 1 to 3 drops per day should be used after the initial clean-up of 6 months at 10 drops/day.

If you are getting cleansing responses at this level, we need to help your liver as toxins are not being eliminated fast enough. Talk to us about liver support for the mineral program.

During the first 10-30 days of taking the drops expect a large elimination of poisons from the body. Keep track of washroom facilities, because you may need to access one with a great deal of urgency.

Please note the complete household should initiate the mineral program as parasites are easily transferred from one person to another. Usually there is a weak link in the family unit, this is the one that is or becomes seriously ill and the others will be carriers ofthe disease. To break this cycle we need to clear everybody.