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Cell membranes are also referred to as “the brain of the cell.” Without healthy, intact membranes, it can lead to whole-body dysfunction. Cell membranes mediate water flow and intracellular hydration. So a key to vibrant health inside and out lies in cultivating strong cells that retain water the way that younger cells do. Because if you can repair your cell membranes, from brain cells, to heart cells, to connective tissue, to skin cells, then you can absorb hydration, slow aging and prevent disease. 

The osmotic flow of water through cell membranes generates “hydroelectric“ energy, voltage that is converted and stored in the mitochondria in form of ATP and GTP. This is your stamina, your endurance, your vitality. The reserves of Chi that your body needs to perform all the innumerable miracles that it does in every single moment you’re alive. And the mitochondria themselves have their own little membranes, even within the cell, that also need to be supported to maintain the balance of their inner and outer waters.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton has shown, genes don’t control health like we once thought. Health is controlled by the way cells respond to their environment. And that response is based on the cell’s brain, it’s membrane. When the cell membranes are damaged and can’t mediate water flow,  then “bad" genes are activated.

Your whole intracellular hydration level can be assessed by measuring what’s called your "phase angle", it measures the health of your cell membranes. A phase angle of 10-12 is ideal health, it’s a cell membrane that is strong and sentient and flexible and responsive. While around 3.5, you’re basically dead. In the general public, the angle phase bell curve is between 3.5 and 10. Anyone with any kind of health complaint is likely to have less than 7. Most generally healthy people are 6-8. 

Cancer patients tend to come in around 4.5 or below, which is interesting because it suggests, from a hydration standpoint … cancer doesn't happen until you're so dry that you're nearly dead. It's stems from drought within the body’s cells. 

Without the antioxidant hydration of hydrogen ions, crossing through cell membranes, and water through aquaporin channels, you get an accumulation of oxidative damage, which will then injure the DNA, and next thing you know, you’ve got all these mutations in genes causing accelerated cell division, or inhibiting apoptosis. The whole cancer process can be traced back to the integrity of your intracellular & extracellular waters. 

If you want to learn more about hydration and cell membranes, Dr. Howard Murad has a great book on the topic, called The Water Secret.

But basically, the higher the electrical charge across membranes, the more likely they are to pull water across … If you take one of the epithelial cells in your gut lining for example, the electrical charge across it, when you're healthy and up around the phase angle of 10 to 12 … that charge is above 10,000 volts! Imagine the electrical energy of a lightning bolt across a barrier that's only a few microns thick. It defies our normal understanding of Newtonian physics. It's absolutely down in the quantum physics realm that a cell membrane that tiny is able to hold that enormous electrical charge. And what builds that electrical charge in the superconductors r of structured cellular water is ultimately the mitochondria. 

So it's really actually simple: if you want to absorb and retain more hydration, and get all the youth-enhancing, beautifying, energizing effects that hydration entails, you have to improve the electrical charge across your cell membranes.

Now let’s talk about how to keep those cell membranes healthy and sensitive to their external environment, so they can maintain super healthy internal oceans. My favorite way is with a supplement called Membrane Mend by Quicksilver.


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