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The following are a list of benefits that are commonly received, but Now Alchemy does not imply a guarantee that you will receive these benefits as everybody's body is different and responds differently to natural herbs & remedies.

  • Pineal Gland
  • Increasing Cellular Communication
  • Addrenal Gland
  • Thyroid Gland
  • Hypothalamus
  • Heart
  • Nervous System
  • Calming the Mind
  • Hearing
  • Metabolism
  • Vision
  • Brain Function
  • Mineralizing the Body

Comprised of:

  • 24K Bioavailable Stabilized Gold
  • Solfeggio Harmonized & Purified Water
  • 100% Plant Derivied Fulvic Minerals
  • Frankincense extract
  • Myrrh extract
  • Love

To use:

Use 1-3 fuller droppers per day. Either ingest directly into mouth or easily mixes with water, food and drink. Thou might also add to coffe to alchalize and mineralize the coffee. For children just add a couple drops to food and drink. This elixir has a gentle and delicious taste, but is hardly noticeable making it easy to add to any drink or food.


Now Alchemy's organic liposomal absorption technology makes for the highest quality life enhancement elixirs on the market. Our founder, Archer Love, invested years into researching liposomal sciences to formulate the perfect combinations of potent extracts with medicinal ingredients in a homogenous form that truly works.

Organic: Other companies providing liposomal and nanoenhanced supplements add horrible chemicals like polisorbate and DMSO to their products. Then they need to add artificial flavors to cover up the chemicals. For this reason thou should be very cautious of liposomal supplements. However, Now Alchemy uses only all natural and organic ingredients to acheive the process of lipomsomal encapsulation, and nanoenhanced delivery, and because it naturally tastes so good there is no need to add any sort of artifical flavors!

Potent: All Now Alchemy elixir are alcohol free. After conducting duel extractions, and utilizing ultrasonic homoginization as an extraction medium, Now Alchemy purifies the extract to as high of a potency as absolutely possible. This means the extract is up to 50 times the concentrated as the dried and pulverized mushroom, herb or plant itself. So thou needeth not to take a bunch of capsules or smother thy food in it like a sauce, thou might simply place a couple droppers under thy tongue, or add a couple droppers to anything. It tastes great and the benefits work quickly.

Liposomal & Nanoenhanced: Now Alchemy ingredients are 10 times as absorptive as the other mushrooms on the market due to the utilization of highly advanced, organic, liposomal and nanoenhanced technology.

Gold: All of Now Alchemy's water based elixirs are infused with actual 24K bioabsorptive, stabilized, pure gold. These aren't little flakes, these gold particles will actually absorb into thine own body raising thy vibrations and catalyzing thine healing and manifesting.*

Great for Children: Now Alchemy's mushroom elixirs have a hardly noticeable flavor that is slightly sweet and earthly. These make a great choice for children because adding a couple drops to their food or drink will not change the flavor of what they are consuming. Thou might only notice the delicious flavor if thou apply servings straight to thy tongue. Children only need about 25% of the amount as an adult though, so rather than giving a child a couple droppers full, just give them a couple drops.


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