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  • Harmonize the energy in any homes, restaurants, or workspaces.
  • Harmonize and neutralize EMF (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, microwaves, etc.).
  • You can charge any object that fits into a Quantum Bloc with pure and dynamic quantum energy!
  • You can copy any frequency into any object – in only 1 minute!
  • etc.

Size: 8 x 8 x 8 inch (20 x 20 x 20 cm)

What is a Quantum Bloc?

 A Quantum Bloc is a tool and a technology that contains and provides a concentrated quantum energy space within the area between the golden plates. It can also be described as a quantum energy generator and/or a quantum space generator. It is the first device on the market that cannot be optimized by any other tools, devices or additional quantum energy generators to enhance it’s effectiveness and power. On the contrary, it can actually make any other device or product better, due to its highly advanced energetic nature.

What does a Quantum Bloc do and what can it help with?

 It is literally impossible to list all of the things that a Quantum Bloc can support, optimize and help with. Here is a list of some of the things that have been proven by tests, third-party studies and customer testimonials:

  • It harmonizes the energy in homes, restaurants, and/or workspaces.
  • It creates an energetic feng shui in any space it is placed.
  • It harmonizes and neutralizes EMF (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, microwaves, etc.).
  • It neutralizes negative frequencies.
  • It can neutralize harmful frequencies in water and snow due to chemtrails and any other environmental influences (i.e. aluminum, zinc, and various alpha and beta radiation particles).
  • You can charge any object that fits into a Quantum Bloc with pure and dynamic quantum energy.
  • You can copy any frequency into any object that fits into a Quantum Bloc.
  • You can create a library full of frequencies and basically make, collect and store frequencies for anything, like homeopaths do. Only with a Quantum Bloc, anyone can easily do it, with no effort and in a very short time.
  • You can structurally enhance and optimize anything that fits in a Quantum Bloc, i.e. water, other beverages, food, groceries, and even other products like tennis rackets, water bottles, etc.
  • You can make your own quantum energy and frequency products for yourself, your family and close friends (non-commercially, unless you want to do it commercially, in which case you can sign a commercial license agreement).
  • You can support all of your plants, seedlings and/or trees in your home, garden and property with the energy of a Quantum Bloc. In addition, you can leverage a Quantum Bloc to charge the water that you give to the plants, and even water pipes, hoses, etc.
  • You can do non-commercial quantum entanglement with a Quantum Bloc. This is a broad and very interesting topic. We’ve performed countless tests and even a study in this regard. We’re happy to share more about it if you’re interested.
  • You can add to this list by letting your imagination and creativity flow!

What is the range of a Quantum Bloc?

 The range of the standard Quantum Bloc is about 40 – 45 meters (130 – 145 feet) in all directions. (The range of the first Infinity Bloc is about 1,000 meters (3,280 feet).

Does a Quantum Bloc have polarity?

 There is no polarity in a Leela Quantum Bloc. Magnets add pressure, instability, and a certain type of misalignment to a quantum field. The quantum energy of a magnet-supported quantum field is a “trapped” and almost imprisoned energy force. It doesn’t flow freely and constantly battles with the magnetic field. Energetically speaking, the field needs to “reboot” itself constantly. The instability, disharmony and energetic pressure can be felt and “seen” in such devices, and it impacts everything in its proximity.

With a Leela Quantum Bloc, we created a groundbreaking new quantum energy generator which provides more than a one-dimensional quantum field. The Leela Quantum Bloc is a fully and completely multi-dimensional quantum field/space. (Note: for clarity, a quantum field that is one dimensional is also technically multidimensional, though not fully.) Our Quantum Blocs are also not bound to Earth’s magnetic fields in any way, and therefore each one can be considered (and energetically looks like) a quantum sun. Each Quantum Bloc shines and transmits in all directions freely with no Earth-bound fields having any affect. Each Quantum Bloc is dynamic, harmonious and always stable. It also keeps these qualities when quantum energy concentration and consciousness/perspective levels are increased (with Infinity Blocs). While the use of a Quantum Bloc comes with a certain responsibility, please know that the energy is always balanced and harmonious. This means you can have visitors and “energy newcomers” over to your house, and they can feel relaxed, comfortable and supported, even with the immense quantum energy power.

Can frequencies be transferred?

 Within one minute, any frequency can be copied and transferred into another object using the Leela Quantum Bloc.

What frequencies can be copied?

 Literally any frequency you choose can be copied. You can build your own library with different frequencies. This way you can copy a frequency of your choice into an object so you can benefit from it. For example, you could copy the frequency of frankincense into a pendant or a t-shirt, so you can benefit from the frankincense frequency while you are wearing the pendant or t-shirt. Another example would be to take a Leela Quantum frequency card of your choice and copy the frequency/ies into a watch, food, a glass of water, jewelry, etc.

Can I copy the frequencies of supplements or pharmaceuticals?

Yes, it’s easy and it only takes up to one minute. Please note that during the copy process, the Quantum Bloc will neutralize the harmful frequencies of each pharmaceutical. In addition, the frequency of the substance/pharmaceutical itself will be added to the pharmaceutical in a homeopathic way. The Quantum Bloc prevents a pharmaceutical from ever mutating, which is not the case if magnets are part of a quantum energy generator. However, we strongly suggest to leave a pharmaceutical in a Quantum Bloc for only 30 – 60 seconds maximum. This is because the homeopathic potency gets stronger the longer you keep it in a Quantum Bloc. Above 60 seconds it starts to get so strong that only a highly experienced healer could see if it can be taken without any negative effects. If you want to charge pharmaceuticals or supplements, then ideally, please keep the charging process at 30 – 60 seconds maximum.

Can we create our own homeopathic/frequency medicine(s) with a Quantum Bloc?

Contrary to the representation regarding homeopathy by some, frequencies are potentiated the longer they are diluted (homeopathy) or charged with quantum energy. The addition of magnets can disturb the purity and stability of a quantum energy field/space, and therefore magnets can cause issues. In regards to pharmaceuticals, they can even cause mutations of the pharmaceuticals. That is one of the reasons why we purposely do not use any magnets in the Leela Quantum and Infinity Blocs.

We want to make it clear that it is a false statement if anyone says that quantum energy frequencies are 10 or x times stronger than homeopathy. That is nonsense, since there is no common strength in homeopathy. The strength of a homeopathic substance is always dependent on the dilution level. In and of itself a homeopathic substance can be 1000 times more powerful and/or energetic than the same homeopathic substance at a completely different dilution level.

That being said, with a Leela Quantum Bloc, you can create all kinds of homeopathic levels, as well as frequency medicine levels (that are not considered homeopathic), because they go beyond what homeopathy typically uses as dilution levels.

Can we copy sound frequencies in a Quantum Bloc?

Yes, it’s easy to do. While it’s not recommended to listen to the same sound frequencies for too long, that also holds true if they are copied into an object, because the sound frequencies are still there, even though you can’t hear the physical sound. So if you copy sound frequencies into an object, please keep this in mind.

You can put a glass of good water (glass and water should not have been previously charged with any frequencies and/or quantum energy beforehand) in between two speakers or in front of one speaker (if you only use one). After several minutes (or whenever the piece is over), you can then put the same glass of water into a Quantum Bloc and add a target object into the Quantum Bloc as well. This can be aluminum foil, aluminum, brass or other metal cards and/or capsules, etc. After 1 minute you can remove both the glass and the target object, since the frequency will already be copied by then. If you want to charge the target object further with more quantum energy, you can leave it in for longer. Please know that food and beverages should be charged for only 1 – 3 minutes maximum.

Can a Quantum Bloc support me with reaching goals and working with affirmations?

 The more concentrated and powerful a quantum energy space is, the more it can support and accelerate manifestation. Please be aware that a Quantum Bloc does not support any will/goals/affirmations that are not in line with  the universal law, are manipulative in nature, or follow any cussing, cursing, etc. However, the immense quantum energy of a Quantum Bloc (and even more so the energy of the infinity Bloc) can boost, accelerate and help manifest anything that’s positive in nature, in alignment with your Soul and the universal plan (God’s plan/Spirit’s plan, etc.). The more in-tune you are with your Higher Self, the more energy, feeling, visualization and focus you put into an affirmation or goal, the more likely it is you will achieve it and the faster you will experience/have it. A Leela Quantum Bloc can further increase and accelerate this, and additionally, it can do it for you, even when you’re not focused on it, which comes in very handy!

What can be charged?

 With a Quantum Bloc, you can charge any object that fits into it with pure, dynamic quantum energy. Dense materials take a little bit longer to charge than less dense materials, though in general, a Quantum Bloc fully charges most items within a matter of minutes. As a side note, the Infinity Blocs are a lot stronger, and with them you need to watch certain time limits to not create a temporary or permanent bond of the charged object to the Infinity Bloc. As an example, a titanium sphere should not be charged for longer than 3 minutes in an Infinity Bloc.

Charging times for different Materials and different substances

  • All food and beverages need only be charged for 1 – 3 minutes typically, depending on denseness. Longer can be too much for certain fruits, etc.
  • Any other items that are more dense and are not for human or animal consumption, only need 1-3 minutes in a Quantum Bloc. However, you can leave them in longer if you like. You will find that when you put your phone (while it is connected to the network) into a Quantum Bloc, it immediately works deeply on harmonizing all network connection waves. To some extent a Quantum Bloc also does this when simply sitting in a home, but it does so more deeply if the phone is put into a Quantum Bloc. Again, a few minutes are enough.


  • Pharmaceuticals should only be charged for 30 – 60 seconds, otherwise the potency of the frequency can become too strong. However, there’s never a mutation in a Leela Quantum Bloc, though that can happen in devices that use magnets.

Here are some ideas of things you can charge with a Quantum Bloc, so you can add more concentrated quantum energy in various parts of your home, your garden and your life!

  • Clothing & Shoes: Please note that the Leela Quantum Bloc is the first quantum energy device that can charge shoes permanently with quantum energy! That means there’s no more charging your shoes over and over again. Charge your shoes for 1 hour…that’s it, permanently charged! The quantum energy space of the basic Quantum Bloc contains 90 quantum consciousness levels, which is 10 times more than any other quantum energy device on the market, and it is purposely designed without magnets. Those two factors are the reason that this is now possible.
  • Pet stuff: bowls, collars, dog food
  • Plants: pots, rocks, etc.
  • Kitchen: food, beverages, plates, cups, glasses, silverware, etc.
  • Bathroom: shower heads, shower hose, toothbrush, cosmetics, bathroom mats, etc.
  • Car: removable beverage holders, mats, seat belts/buckles, license plates. Obviously you can’t charge your entire car or even most of the parts, because they are so much bigger than the size of a Quantum Bloc. You certainly can put a Quantum Bloc into your car while you are on road trips to optimize the energy in your whole car.
  • Electronics: headphones (please don’t charge them for more than 5 minutes), smartphones, battery packs, cables, laptops, remote controls, WIFI adapters, etc.
  • Sleep & Bedroom: we don’t recommend to charge a lot of objects in your bedroom with quantum energy due to its generally stimulating effect, though you can choose a few things as long as they are not too close to your bed. It’s certainly different with the specific Leela frequencies/frequency cards that support sleep, inner peace, etc.
  • Jewelry: bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.
  • Water: this was already listed under kitchen. Water is such an important element that we use for so many things, including drinking, bathing, cooking, giving it to our pets, flowers, etc. You can positively influence a lot of things in your life by charging your water with a Leela Quantum Bloc!

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