Laminar (Mica) Powder

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Laminar (Mica) Powder
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Mica and other laminar crystals energise and amplify bioelectric fields. They’re often found in areas where Ley lines, the energetic meridians of the Earth, converge. Not only in Vortexes, but also in glacial ice and in the ocean. When in water, they energise minerals in water and amplify the energetic field of the water. They absorb life force from the cosmos and transmit it to their environment. 

In the 1960s, tiny laminar plates were discovered that were over 5,000 years old. They were made of mica, quartz, and other minerals. It’s the same material as the casing stone of the Great Pyramid. 

When researchers began studying these strange artifacts, they noticed that it affects water oddly… 

Dr. Normal Shealy, who invented TENS therapy devices, and founded the American Holistic Medical Association, wrote about laminar crystal technology in his book, “Holy Water, Sacred Oil”... It’s believed that it high an incredibly high amount of ORMUS and attracts higher levels of Hydrogen.

  • Supercharge Your Bath with just a teaspoon
  • Energize Your Skin Care Products, (cleansers, moisturizers, makeup)
  • Great on Cracked Feet and any other persistent skin problems

Put a healthy glow on your skin by restoring your cellular water.

Laminar (Mica) Powder is a magnificent treatment for many skin conditions that don’t respond to other treatments.

A marvelous restorative for virtually any condition. Use it when nothing else works.

  • Has the capacity to energize water, and can be used on any area of your body.
  • Is an accumulator of life force that restores vital fluids in your skin and other tissues.
  • A wonderful hydration tool, the perfect finish to a facial with Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Powder.

The Laminar Powder is made from finely milled laminar crystals, the Life Force accumulators.

Directions for Use

Mix the Laminar Powder with Living Water, Prill Water, Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Gel to form a paste, or add to your other skin care products.

Apply liberally to any area of concern, allow to dry, then buff off the excess with a soft cloth.

You can brush it into your skin with a dry cloth to hydrate and energize your tissues.

One quarter teaspoon of Laminar Powder makes enough paste for a good facial. It is a wonderful base for makeup.

Try mixing it into Magnesium Gel for a wonderfully hydrating facial.

Works great on dry, cracked feet.

The “Ultimate Bath”

One teaspoon of Laminar Powder in your bath will enhance your absorption of magnesium, from Magnesium Bath Crystals or Magnesium Oil.

  • Place Bath Prills in your bathtub while filling it with hot water (a comfortable bath temperature, of course).
  • Add one rounded teaspoon each of Magnesium Powder and Laminar Powder.
  • Pour 1 – 2 ounces of Magnesium Oil into the tub.
  • Add 1/2 cup of Magnesium Bath Crystals into the tub.
  • Soak 20 – 30 minutes and enjoy the magic of magnesium!This fine ground Laminar Powder is also known as Snow Crystals or Solid Sunshine.Our 8 ounce jar is enough for at least 25 baths!

    Recommended Use

    Skin problems, aging skin, hydration issues.

    Dust on your skin, mix in your creams or moisturizers, apply in face masks.

    Add to your bathtub and create the Ultimate Bath.

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