How Water Can Help You Change Your Life & Heal Your Body

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How Water Can Help You Change Your Life & Heal Your Body
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Water is the essence of life. It is the most vital substance for all forms of life. Yet, have you ever wondered...

How much water should you drink a day?

Which one's better, tap bottled or bottled water?

Why the body is rising its temperature and what causes a fever?

Why water is the only substance that has "Zero Calories?"

How the Calorie made its way in the science of Nutrition, and why it's supposed to be capitalized?


Water carries around everywhere it goes (in plants, animals and the human body), not only valuable minerals and nutrients but also harmful microplastics, GMOs and countless other pollutants. Recent scientific discoveries proved that the universal solvent can record, store and transfer even electromagnetic information. Every single thought and feeling you have triggers an electromagnetic impulse in your body, affecting the water's structure on all levels.

Find out how your thoughts, feelings and actions are affecting your life, carried by the universal solvent we call water.