Handheld Water Vortexer

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Handheld Water Vortexer
Handheld Water Vortexer
Handheld Water Vortexer
Handheld Water Vortexer
Handheld Water Vortexer
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Our Copper Handheld Vortexer is a portable option for structuring your water at your sink or on the go. It exhibits antibacterial properties and superior energy transfer and is mostly made of materials that have been with us since antiquity.

The Copper Handheld Vortexer is comprised of copper, glass, stainless steel, and our proprietary blend of minerals imbedded in food-grade silicone for optimal energization.

Simply pour water into the device and it is immediately structured and energized as it comes out the other side.   Improves the taste, energetics, and hydration of any beverage.

Add a Harmonizer for additional water enhancement. What is a Harmonizer?

The Handheld Vortexer is a low-cost option for structuring your water at your sink or on the go. The Handheld Vortexer incorporates the same water vortexing tube used in our whole house and under-the-counter product line. The interior of the flow tube features multiple rows of glass balls set in triangular configurations for optimal vortexing action in addition to our Harmonizer mineral complex embedded in silicone.


  • Makes water more digestible–no sloshing in your stomach.
  • Enhances absorption of water into every cell of the body
  • Enhances the taste of any wine or liquor while minimizing hangovers
  • Helps mitigate the negative effects of chlorine.
  • Multiple passes through the Handheld Vortexor are optimal.
  • Do not use distilled water.

What else can I do to enhance my drinking water?

A great companion to the Handheld Vortexer is the Harmonizer Cartridge, which can be taped to the water line under your sink.  This sealed cartridge contains a broad array of minerals and natural elements that energize water with health-enhancing natural EMFs (electrical magnetic frequencies) that are picked up by the water as it flows by the cartridge. No physical contact with water is necessary for these energies to pass information into water. It will additional energy to water not available from the Handheld.

How do I clean my Handheld or eliminate the moldy odor coming from my Handheld?

Rinse after every use and soak the PVC Handheld in full strength vinegar or a 3% hydrogen peroxide overnight on a regular basis especially when vortexing milk, juice, or wine.

Tip: Find a container* just large enough to submerse as much of the Handheld as possible insuring that the spout is submersed and fill the container with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.

*(for the PVC use a 32 oz yogurt container and for the Copper unit a 16 oz glass will work)

Are there any risks for high copper levels from using the Handheld Vortexer frequently?

Copper possesses many health benefits. (more than are shown in this infographic). So long as the water being treated is not acidic, it shouldn’t be an issue.


How Does The Handheld Vortexer Enhance Water?

The Handheld Vortexer creates life-enhancing water by bringing life force energies back into the water using the principles of vortexing and energy transfer.

Your body requires structured and energized water in order to thrive and if the water entering your body isn’t structured, your body has to expend energy structuring water before it can be used for intracellular and extracellular activities. That’s why users will tell us they have more energy after drinking structured water.


Frequencies are a manifestation of waveform and they convey information. Voice and music frequencies convey information wirelessly. Digital signals convey information wirelessly. All material forms possess a frequency signature or signatures by which they communicate with everything else in creation. Understanding this principle is crucial to understanding how nature works and when we respect this principle, we are able to create products that are harmonious with nature but when we are ignorant of this principle, we end up creating disharmony.

For instance, nuclear physicists and engineers are very smart people and they are able to extract amazing quantities of energy from rocks but unfortunately they accomplish this task in a manner that isn’t respectful or congruent with nature. The end result being that they create technologies and products wrought with dangers because of frequency corruption and the creation of malformation instead of harnessing information in its natural state.

There is a considerable body of evidence confirming that water collects, stores and transmits information much like a computer receives, stores and transmits information. Japanese author and researcher, Masaru Emoto, was a water researcher whose work with human consciousness, (which is essentially EMF energy), made him famous. He would freeze water which had been subjected to energetic stimuli such as rock music, classical music, kind words and harsh words to determine their effects on the crystalline structure of water.

We have begun to lay the groundwork for you to establish that all material forms emit energy and this energy can be described as electromagnetic in nature. Consequently, even our thoughts are electromagnetic in their composition and because of free will, we can cause our consciousness to emanate life-enhancing energy or life-depleting energy. What this means ultimately, is that each of us is an electromagnetic generator, even mini power stations that are constantly sending out beneficial or detrimental energy based on our disposition and our grasp of truth. This puts a new perspective on how each of us can change not only ourselves but those around us including our environment by the power of speech, the power of prayer, and by the power of the written word!

Consider this concept for a moment. The written word that resides on a sheet of paper or in digital form on your computer or cellphone screen contains the consciousness of a man in a static form until it is read. The act of reading is accomplished through electromagnetic energies forming a pathway through the eyes. As light energies reflect off or illumine the text on the page or screen, these energies reflect back through our eyes into our brain to be deciphered. Based on the principles of ‘form, frequency & function’, the brain in turn acts as a repository or an energy sink from which the rest of the body draws these energetic nuggets or bits as needed.

Now whether or not these energetic nuggets or bits are composed of gold or dung or something in between is determined by the collective formation of the posted text which defines its function and ultimately its frequency which may or may not be congruent with natural principles.

"The principle of, ‘form, frequency, function’ is the holy trinity of our physical being and the universe"

– The Author –

Describing a musical instrument, (without considering the musician), can give a clearer picture of how this process works. Consider the function of a violin which is to emanate beautiful sound using properly configured wood and strings. The form of the wood and strings of the violin in turn will determine the quality of the frequency emanating from the violin which in turn will inspire the heart, causing one to cringe or to be inspired or something in between.

Ultimately, the frequency emanation or transmission of an object or material form contains the information which is gleaned by our cells as a source of energy for proper cellular functioning and our water molecules in their multitude of configurations and densities is the receiver, repository and transmitter of all information.