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Topical Molecular Hydrogen Tablets. Yes, you can bathe in hydrogen water! Dip disposable facial sheet masks in hydrogen water to create a soothing hydrogen facial, or add a few tablets to your bath water for a relaxing soak.

H2 Beauty is easy-to-use molecular hydrogen bath tablets, just drop them in water and let them dissolve to create water rich in nanobubbles of hydrogen.

The topical hydrogen water reinvigorates your complexion and plumps up your skin. It helps muscles relax and reduces wrinkle lines. Topical hydrogen supports healing from injury and skin conditions.


How is Topical Hydrogen Water Different?


H2 Beauty Topical Hydrogen Water Tablets produce more hydrogen and retain higher amounts of hydrogen in the water. No other type of product is as convenient to use. No other product has been so rigorously tested or studied.


H2 Beauty Hydrogen Beauty tabs deliver 100s of times higher of a concentration of molecular hydrogen than found in these miracle water sites. What’s even more important is the hydrogen tablets transform the water in any container. Simultaneously the tablets deliver free magnesium ions, which our bodies easily absorb through the skin, adding additional benefits.

Even more, these tablets are designed to deliver the acidic pH our skin flora needs to flourish. [i] Studies are already emerging about bathing in hydrogen water showing remarkable abilities to reduce wrinkles [ii] , aid in those with chronic psoriasis [iii] and topical application of hydrogen mediums helping recover from soft tissue injuries [iv] .


Our first test users have been astounded at how quickly they recover from injuries, how their skin appears, and how their joint discomfort eases. As remarkable as drinking hydrogen water is, soaking in it is quickly charging to the forefront. Try our Hydrogen Beauty tablets today while quantities last.



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