Flaska Uniq - Personalized Structured Glass Water Bottles - .3L, .5L & .75L

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Flaska Uniq - Personalized Structured Glass Water Bottles - .3L, .5L & .75L
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Flaska Uniq

Flaska Uniq is a unique Flaska water bottle, designed especially for you. The personal vibrational programme addresses long-lasting health and well-being issues (such as allergies, stress, long-lasting pains, headaches, digestion problems, insomnia, etc.).


We create the programme based on an analysis performed with the Quantec radionic computer system which requires:

  • Name and surname
  • Picture of your face against a neutral background
  • Date of birth
  • Problem description


Flaska Uniq includes:

  • A Flaska water bottle with a personal vibrational programme, with your name, surname and date of birth engraved.
  • A protective cork sleeve with a special design.
  • A copy of your personal vibration programme.
  • 12 months of constant sending of your personal vibrational programme over the Quantec radionic device.
  • Warranty against breakage. In the event that you break your Flaska Uniq bottle, we will make you a new one free of charge (two max.).