Flaska Sirius Glass - Structured Glass Cup - .25 L

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Flaska Sirius Glass - Structured Glass Cup - .25 L
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Sirius Glass

Sirius glass is a source of light and water, the cornerstones of life. Both elements are so self-evident in our everyday life that only few individuals examine them in detail.


Sirius is a drinking glass for water. The glass can of course also be used for other beverages. Every fluid contains water and the restructuring effects can be seen in smoothies, fruit juices and other healthy beverages as well.


  • a practical version of the Flaska's TPS water structuring for home use
  • easy to clean even when drinking smoothies, fruit juices, and other healthy beverages
  • size 0.25 litres
  • health & environmentally friendly
  • quality glass made in Slovenia, EU

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