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DECANTER ERA - Vitajuwel
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Get a Decanter Era in addition to your original VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial for the full GemWater experience. The Gemstone Vial appears to be floating inside the glass decanter while being firmly fixed to the decanter’s lid.

Era sets new standards. Instead of creating vials for regular pitchers, we started to think differently: Imagine a decanter that provides a vibrant and exclusive setting for our Gemstone Vials and maximizes usability. A decanter to start a new era in the preparation of GemWater. Imagine...

* A decanter in which the vial with its sparkling precious stones seems to be floating freely.

* A decanter that comes with a lid that does not to be taken off while pouring water.

* A decanter that preserves your VitaJuwel GemWater like no other.

* A decanter that's easy to use and is dishwasher-safe.

* A decanter that holds the gemstone vial firmly, eliminates the vial shaking and hitting the decanter and therefore reduces the risk breakage drastically.

* A decanter with an astonishing design that makes catering and serving GemWater an exciting experience and that draws the attention of all your guests.

Era (including its lid) is dishwasher-safe and holds 1.3l (44 fl.oz) of GemWater. Gemstone Vials and Decanter Era have to be purchased separately.

Comes With Glass decanter, Stainless Steel lid
Dimensions & Weight Volume 1,3 Liter, height 35,5cm, diameter ca. 11cm
Material Heavy-metal-free glass, Stainless Steel, Silicone
Care Dishwasher-proof