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Core-Water will hydrate, to regain the power to shape your own destiny – a dramatic improvement in brain function to maximize mental clarity, and access a deep level of happiness.

When you’re ready to raise your consciousness, Core-Water will push you there, to full Self Actualization. Beyond simply removing energy blockages (M-Water works for that), Core-Water will paint a new design for your way of thinking.

Dramatically increase your healing response, and the organizing power (life force) in every cell throughout your body. Reduce underlying patterns of disease with more efficient and effective detoxification.

One thousand times more potentized for optimal healing response than M-Water, Core-Water significantly increases cellular hydration.

The most striking benefit of drinking Core-Water every day is rising consciousness to focus upon and actualize the highest level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. Functioning at the top level in this Hierarchy goes far beyond removing feelings of fear and the need to fight through every day in order to just survive. This highest level is called Self Actualization – you feel totally self sufficient and at ease throughout the day. You can increase these effects dramatically by adding Core-Water to your daily program of drinking M-Water.

Use as an upgrade to M-Water, after using M-Water for at least a month. This allows detoxification and cellular restructuring to evolve, preventing a healing crisis.

The healing properties CORE-Water are based on a holistic healing philosophy that is similar to many cultural medicines that support optimal health. Higher principles of healing are invoked to heal the body, mind and emotions, in the most comprehensive way possible.

Vibrational and energy changes to CORE-Water increase your hydration – nothing chemical is added for the superior hydrating effects, except minute amounts of seed minerals from ancient clay sources.

By decreasing the water molecule size, a dramatic increase in hydration takes place through your gut wall, and into all the cells. When water molecules are smaller, they hydrate easier.

Patented M-Power Aqua Technology is used to transform ultra-purified water using the revolutionary Elix?? system from Millipore with the addition of small amounts of minerals from ancient clay sources. NMR O17 spectroscopic analysis proves that M-Water contains much smaller H2O clusters than the same water that has not been transformed with Health BreakThrough’s patent pending technology.

Directions for Use

Long term, Careful Applied Use
For a refreshing and tasty water drink, use two capfuls per gallon or just a few drops in a glass of water

Super Healing Response
To super charge the healing response, take a capful of undiluted Core-Water right after waking up and right before going to sleep.

Recommended Use

Beyond superior hydration, energy and oxygenation- raise your consciousness. Improve hydration – the underlying issue for most chronic health problems.