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Bundle: ADR Pack
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Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Protection
ADR Protect, ADR-3 Geopathic Solutions, ADR-4 Energizer

This Bundle: ADR Pack is a popular package – Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Protection – for your whole family from electronic pollution, neutralize negative energies and energize your foods and beverages too.
The Bundle: ADR Pack includes:

Two ADR Protects
ADR Protect, EMF ProtectionHighly Advanced Personal Health Protection Device

Electrosmog protection device reduces adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution (cordless or cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, wifi, etc.). It can equalize the environmentally disordered energy levels in your meridians (acupuncture channels).

With balance restored, your protective mechanisms are able to compensate for nearby harmful electromagnetic pollutants.

About 1″ in diameter, with an adhesive backing to place it on various electric and electronic devices (e.g., cordless or cell phones, computers, computer mouse, microwave ovens, etc.). Inside is flexible magnetic foil with precisely located, mathematically defined points, covered with a gelatin paste. This paste is a composite of ceramic substances and metal oxides, showing specific infrared radiation absorption/emission properties.

Highly recommended for users of cellular & mobile phones, computers, microwaves, and any electronic or electric appliances.

ADR-3 Geopathic Solutions
ADR-3 Geopathic Solutions, EMF ProtectionNeutralize & Harmonize Energy Forces and Geopathic Radiation

Create a positive living environment for you and your family. The ADR-3 influences its surroundings, neutralizing and harmonizing energy forces. This leaves you with your energy flow returned and renewed.

We are all exposed to negative energies from the earth (radiation of underground water, storm or sewage pipes, caves or mineral bodies), and human generated sources (electromagnetic fields in computers, appliances, cell phones, power lines, etc.). These negative energies can sap your strength.

The ADR-3 consists of a magnetic disc embedded in a ceramic casing, about 3″ in diameter and 1/4″ thick. Inside, the main element creates resonance effects that changes its surroundings. The resulting harmony improves the functioning of living organisms.

In normal conditions with low levels of radiation, one ADR-3 provides sufficient influence for about 1100 square feet.

The ADR-3 requires no power supply, or scheduled maintenance.

ADR-4 Harmonizer
ADR-4 Harmonizer, EMF ProtectionFood & Beverage Energizer & Harmonizer

Taste food like your never did before. Rrestore balance to microwaved foods. Helps eliminate toxins and provides superior cellular hydration to relieve pain and promote healing.

Proprietary internationally recognized technology that turns ordinary food and drink into a delicious feast, in only a few minutes!

Use the ADR 4 to turn cheap wine into top grade ambrosia – improve the quality, taste and health-giving properties of drinking water, beverages, and all food containing water.

Regular consumption of products energized with the ADR-4 enhances proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, improving or increasing vitality. Positive impacts will show in your immune system.

To improve and maintain good health, we recommend daily consumption of foods and beverages energized by ADR-4.

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