ARTESIA 5th Dimensional Heart-Based Technology

Vendor Vibrant Vital Water
ARTESIA 5th Dimensional Heart-Based Technology
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What you receive:
One custom Pyrex Vortex ampule designed by Randy Hatton, approximately 12
inches at the widest portion and 38 inches from the very top to bottom,
designed with the mathematical formula of a hyperbolic cone, based on the
golden mean ratio, also known as the Fibonacci spiral

One high quality magnetic drive pump, made to run 24/7 for years non-stop,
very quiet

One multi-colored LED light with remote control

There are several different versions of Artesia.

1.  Artesia for Art – indoor, outdoor, water gardens, and ponds. As in all
versions of Artesia, they generate a large amount of negative ions, thus
cleaning the air.

2.  Artesia Pool & Spa – For creating a healing and rejuvenating experience,
without the use of chemicals.

3.  Artesia Grow – For agriculture, aquaculture, hydroponics, and all

4. Artesia Purification – For creating large volumes of
Full-spectrum living water for Human consumption.