Active H2 + Chromax - Hydrogen Tabs for your Water

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Active H2 + Chromax - Hydrogen Tabs for your Water
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Molecular hydrogen tablets react with water to instantly create hydrogen gas. Hydrogen water can support energy, detox, metabolism, and immune support. Now with the power of Chromax Chromium! A powerful mineral supplement to help boost metabolism, and super charge energy.

Want improved physical performance, fast recovery, or simply more energy to get through the day? Molecular Hydrogen (H2) can do the trick! As the world’s smallest and most mobile molecule, hydrogen can rapidly diffuse into cells, mitochondria, and fluids throughout the body to deliver its energy-boosting, antioxidant benefits. Active H2 ULTRA also boasts magnesium as one of its most dominant ingredients, a vital mineral co-factor in more than 300 enzymes used in our bodies -- helping you do MORE with every use! A unique and patent pending combination of all-natural minerals are the only active ingredients of Active H2! This distinguishes it from existing synthetic chemical formulas as well as the "unnatural" use of electrolysis to generate Active and Molecular Hydrogen.

ActiveH2 is formulated with a proprietary blend of pure magnesium, malic acid, fumaric acid, and dextrose that act synergistically to generate Molecular Hydrogen and electron-rich potential.

Take Active H2 for more energy, better focus, improved physical performance, and fast recovery!

▪️ Active H2 is not synthetically or chemically engineered. 
▪️ Specifically formulated with a blend of pure magnesium, malic acid, fumaric acid, and dextrose to ensure full absorption and bioavailability. 
▪️ Decreases blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol levels, levels of inflammatory markers making you feel more energized throughout your day. 
▪️ Increases antioxidant activity ridding the body of nasty cancer-causing free radicals. 
▪️ Experience more pain-free days in a row to live happier and healthier. 


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