CarbonGene Model Z - Orgone Accumulator - Water Structurer & Energizer

Vendor Natural Action Technologies
CarbonGene Model Z - Orgone Accumulator - Water Structurer & Energizer
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I'm thrilled to introduce you to my FAVORITE Natural Action Technology device, the Carbongene watercharger. It is truly unique and powerful, with an alchemy of elements that ennoble and enliven water like nothing else.

Water, in essence, is the carrier of the signals of life. It's the physical body of the aetheric forces that  bring life and energy to everything in the natural world. And the most potent way to honor water is to increase its capacity to resonate with that aetheric energy, also called orgone energy, odic energy, prana, mana, chi, etc. Aether was believed by the Greeks to be the air that the Gods breathe. This lifeforce goes by many names, but one thing is clear - water is it's vessel.

The carbongene watercharger both structures the water, and literally charges it with this powerful cosmic force.

In nature, structured water may be charged by the influences of geomagnetism of rock formations in an aquifer, or by the light frequencies of sunlight, moonlight and starlight, or by the ambient sounds of nature like birdsongs and rustling wind in the leaves. Water imprints all of these subtle stimuli into it's structural matrix. But when we're revitalizing water that's been divorced from nature, it's important to recreate nature's more subtle stimuli so that the water isn't ONLY structured, but ALSO energized. Remember, water whose molecules are in formation stores information, and the carbongene provides that vibratory information through odic forces that create a sort of homeopathic infusion of intention.

Each device is handcrafted and designed to be versatile and compact. It can be used with the same pour-through method as our other signature portable devices. And to potentize the water even further, cork the ends and let the water mature for some time before drinking.

During that time, the water will be exposed to the ambient vibrational resonance of Shungite, Ormus of sea water, Rose Gold, Gold-Copper Alloy, and Palladium.

The specially designed magnetic and electric fields of these unique elements, aligned in the direction of the vortexing water passing inside the carbongene, generate the primal energy necessary to the creation and sustenance of vitality, turning your water into a "battery of life"...

Considering that the water you drink becomes your blood within 5 minutes, the Carbongene is one of the best investments you can make in your health and vitality. It's a level of hydration you truly have to experience for yourself. 

CarbonGene Model Z

This highly hand crafted device is derived from the same principles our Portable/Travel devices and can be used in the same manner. There are attributes within the design that will inherently improve its performance over our standard water revitalizer whether using pour through methods or as an Odic charger.

Our CarbonGene portable units are hand crafted one at a time. Please expect a 3-4 week production time before we ship. We appreciate your patience and look forward to hearing your experiences with our Odic Water Chargers to help create “Live Water”!

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