What's the Best Water Filter? This Structures, Energizes, Mineralizes, & adds Molecular Hydrogen!

Find the SpringAqua here: https://waterislife.shop/collections/water-filters/products/springaqua-wet-7


If your home is piped with tap water, you need a filter. No question. Either you get a filter, or your body will become the filter. Personally, I’m really picky about water filtration because I know how important it is to not only remove all of the toxins that may be present in tap water (some of which are really tricky and most filters aren’t up to the task) but also because I know how important mineralization and structurization are, too. Because it’s really not enough for water to just be clean, it should also be ALIVE. This is the difference between water that just satisfies thirst, versus water that actively imparts life. And finding a water filter that not only effectively cleans, but also REVIVES and energizes water, is so rare, I’ve only come across a couple of worthy products in my whole 12 years of water research.


One of them is the SpringAqua filter, especially the Wet 7 model. It uses no electricity and wastes no water, while removing all the toxic shwag, including chlorine, chloramine and fluoride. It then structures the water with a beautiful molecular crystallinity, adds a robust bioavailable ionic mineral profile, energizes the water, and - BEST OF ALL - it suffuses the water with STABILIZED molecular hydrogen WITHOUT electrolysis! It’s truly the only filter in the world, that I’m aware of, that does so. Molecular hydrogen is one of the most therapeutic things on the planet. There have been countless studies on it’s healing effects. In fact, all of the so-called “miracle springs” in the world, such as Bernadette’s Grotto in Lourdes France and a handful of others with world-reknown curative properties, they all contain high levels of atomic and molecular hydrogen. The more hydrogen in your water, the more hydrating it is!


So The SpringAqua, like an ecosystem in a box, recreates spring-quality water from your tap. It’s highly anti-oxidant and hydrates you much more effectively, right down to the cellular and bioenergetic levels. Hydration is truly the foundation of wellness. I’ve witnessed the transformative power of hydration in many of my clients and believe me, this is SO worth the investment to have thriving health for you and your family. 


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