Decoding Structured Water: Scientific Findings and Theories

structured water science

When we think of water, the simple formula H2O comes to mind. But, there's an extraordinary fourth phase (technically an allotrope) of water, which some consider to be H3O2. This "phase", which includes structured water, EZ water, gel water, and vortexed water, structured water, crystaline water, etc. is exceptional in its ability to store and release energy, offering superior hydration compared to regular disordered H2O, which scientists refer to as "bulk" water.


Early Water Structure Pioneers - Schauberger & Vogel

The concept of water's complexity was first hinted at by physical chemist Sir William Hardy over a century ago. He opened the door to a world where water was not just a simple element but had more to offer. Following in Hardy's footsteps, visionaries like Viktor Schauberger and Dr. Marcel Vogel have significantly advanced our understanding of water's role in sustaining life.


Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger | The Water Genius - Aqua Dynamics Co

Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian naturalist, and inventor, emphasized, "Water is the life-blood of the earth. When water is healthy, it has a complex structure that enables it to communicate information, carry energy, nutrients and healing, to self-cleanse and discharge wastes." His studies in natural environments led him to discover the energizing power of vortices in water. Schauberger's insights revolutionized the logging industry in Europe during the 1920s, proving how specially structured water could efficiently transport logs and stumps.


Dr. Vogel

Marcel Vogel and Healing Crystals

Similarly, Dr. Marcel Vogel, a prominent scientist at IBM, explored water's interaction with energy. He said, "When you put a minute trace, parts per million into water, of silica, the silica is...the nucleating site of water to start structuring around…" Vogel's fascination with quartz crystals and their energy-storing capabilities led him to discover water's unique ability to hold and structure energy. His groundbreaking work with spectrophotometers proved that water could indeed exist in this energized and structured state.


This discovery of structured water, a true marvel of nature, is not just a scientific curiosity. It is the key to understanding the complexities of hydration and energy in our environment and our bodies. The journey of uncovering the mysteries of H3O2 continues, with each new study revealing more about this vital element's role in our lives and the world around us.


Recent Researchers

Dr. Pollack

Dr. Gerald H. Pollack :: Flaska EU

Until Dr. Gerald Pollack's research, the molecular workings of structured water remained largely speculative. Pollack, a distinguished biomedical engineering scientist at the University of Washington and honored with the first Emoto Peace Prize, brought groundbreaking insights into this field. His defining of H3O2, the fourth phase of water beyond the traditional states of liquid, solid, and vapor, marked a significant advancement. Pollack elaborates, "What we found we refer to as the fourth phase of water, beyond solid, liquid, and vapor. It is not H2O, it is actually H3O2. At this phase, water is potential energy, just like a battery of water."

Delving into muscle physiology and water's role, Pollack uncovered water's potent role as an energy reserve in muscle contractions. Moreover, his research in cell biology revealed water's unique behavior within human cells, particularly how it interacts with hydrophilic surfaces and undergoes a chemical transformation from H2O to H3O2. This process, termed EZ water, plays a crucial role in cellular health, effectively acting as a selective barrier that filters out toxins and harmful chemicals, showcasing our body's innate ability to utilize structured water as a filtering mechanism.

Dr. Montagnier

National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductee Luc Montagnier and HIV Diagnosis

Dr. Luc Montagnier, recognized for his Nobel Prize-winning research on HIV, delved into the realm of water's memory and its implications for homeopathy. He found that water, particularly when structured, has the capacity to store and transmit electromagnetic signals. In his innovative experiments, Montagnier demonstrated that water could retain information from highly diluted DNA sequences, emitting low-frequency electromagnetic waves. This groundbreaking work showed that water's memory could lead to the replication of DNA sequences, even in extremely diluted solutions, providing a scientific basis for how homeopathic remedies might function. Montagnier's research offers profound insights into the capabilities of structured water and its potential applications in medicine.


Dr. Benveniste

Robert M Knight - Rock Photography

Dr. Jacques Benveniste, a French immunologist, was the first to propose the concept of water memory, inspiring Dr. Luc Montagnier's later proof. Working in allergy and inflammation immunology at INSERM in the 1980s, Benveniste faced skepticism and ridicule for his water memory research. He struggled to consistently replicate his findings, partly due to the sensitive nature of water's reaction to energy. Montagnier's success in replicating these results came with the understanding that electromagnetic fields, including human ones, can influence experimental outcomes. This discovery marked a significant step in exploring the memory of water.


Dr. Del Giudice

Il mondo danza - Intervista a Emilio Del Giudice •

Dr. Emilio Del Giudice, a renowned Italian theoretical physicist, collaborated with Dr. Luc Montagnier, contributing significantly to the field of quantum physics, particularly in understanding the properties of water. Del Giudice's career spanned prestigious institutions, including the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics and the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, culminating in his membership at the International Institute of Biophotonics in Germany. His work later in life focused on exploring the interaction between water and living matter, aligning with Dr. Gerald Pollack's theories on EZ water. Del Giudice's research, particularly on the quantum physics explanations of EZ water and intracellular communication, was detailed in his publication "The widespread properties of EZ water" in the book "Fields of the Cell."


Dr. Masaru Emoto

Legendary Water Researcher, Author and Emissary for Peace Dr. Masaru ...

In a parallel vein, Dr. Masaru Emoto's work on water consciousness delved into how water's molecular structure responds to energy, especially from conscious thoughts. Emoto's famous experiments used high-speed photography to capture the molecular structure of water as it froze, demonstrating the profound impact of environmental conditions on water's structural formation. His findings showed that water exposed to positive environments formed beautiful, complex crystalline patterns, while water in negative settings appeared distorted and asymmetrical. This work echoed the beliefs of Dr. Jacques Benveniste and Dr. Luc Montagnier regarding water's ability to be influenced by energetic frequencies.


Thank You Emoto Water Crystals

Dr. Masaru Emoto's work on water's response to human emotion and thought has been met with skepticism, especially due to the challenges in replicating his results. While the replication of these tests by other scientists didn't always yield the same outcomes, there is evidence supporting the concept that water can be influenced by human interaction, as suggested by Dr. Benveniste and Dr. Montagnier. Emoto believed in water's deep connection with consciousness, famously stating, “Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is the blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you're open to it.”

John Stuart Reid

Ep.37 | John Stuart Reid, acoustics pioneer, scientist, & inventor
Acoustic engineer John Stuart Reid, building on the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, is delving into the study of cymatics, which visualizes sound's impact, such as creating patterns in sand. With his extensive experience in sound science, Reid investigates sound's imprint on water and its potential effects on the human body. His research, influenced by ancient cymatics practices and Dr. Emoto's theories, aims to blend traditional knowledge with contemporary scientific insights. Reid's inventions in cymatic instruments are being used to explore medical treatments, particularly examining the role of water memory in enhancing music therapy's effects on physiological and biological processes. He hypothesizes that drinking water infused with music could lead to new therapeutic methods, saying, "If we immerse music in water, then drink the water, my research has shown that we are literally imbibing the music. A new medical system imprinting water with healing frequencies could evolve with this phenomenon."

And more!

The field of structured water research is continually expanding, with scientists like Dr. Antonella De Ninno, Dr. Laura Maestro, and Katrin Amann-Winkel contributing significant findings. These researchers have validated Dr. Gerald Pollack's discoveries about the fourth phase of water and its role in living cells. Additionally, major research teams from Oxford, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Stockholm, and Cornell are actively publishing new studies on various states of water, delving deeper into the science of structured water. This is by NO means an exhaustive list, as there are many, many, many more scientists, researchers and pioneers in this field that go beyond the scope of this short blog post, such as Dr. Mae Wan Ho, Dr. Rustam Roy, Dr. Vladimir Voekov, Veda Austin, Jonathan Butts, Dr. Carly Nuday, Dr. West Marrin and so many more, whom I may write another blog post about. Suffice it to say, structured water science is a quickly evolving field that is on the cutting edge of medicine, agriculture, physics, and more!

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