Water as Medicine - What makes certain water so healing?

Water is life

We’ve all heard this said, but what does it mean? And how does it affect the way we interact with water on a daily basis?

Here is the main thing I’ve learned in 10 years of researching water - Not all clear liquid is equal! There are some kinds of water (like distilled or reverse osmosis water, for example) that can actually dehydrate you in the long run. There are other kinds of water (like artesian well water, for example) that can satisfy your thirst. And there are certain kinds of water that can actually impart life. 

Let’s look at that third category. Because although this kind of water is rare, ALL water has the potential to become life-giving healing water.

Among countless examples, let's look at the case of a young woman named Yvonne Fournier. She was just 17 when she was working in a factory and a machine belt caught her left arm, leaving it completely paralyzed. She received nine different operations on the arm, but they were all unsuccessful and the doctors said it would be paralyzed forever. So she made the long pilgimage to a sacred spring. As soon as she dipped her arm in the healing water, full feeling and function returned, and it was completely restored. This was just months after another woman, who was just hours from death, was cured of her lung disease in the same water.

In fact, there have been countless stories of incredible healings from this particular water over the centuries and 70 of those cases have been thoroughly researched and officially proclaimed to be scientific miracles, everything from cancer to multiple sclerosis. 


You may have heard of the water at Bernadettes Grotto in Lourdes France, as it’s world famous. But did you know, ALL water has that same potential? If we were to begin working with water as an ally, and aligning with some of its more anomalous behaviors and mysterious properties, healing could be a daily occurrence. Just ask any indigenous wisdom keeper from any part of the world and they will tell you - water is nature’s primary medicine. 

In fact Lourdes is far from the only miracle spring. There’s another in Tlacote, Mexico too. Around 10,000 people PER DAY come to visit and gather this water, said to have cured everything from AIDS to obesity and high cholesterol. There’s another in Germany, near Dusseldorf, which has cured blindness, diabetes and blood cancers, and yet another in Nadana, in India known for curing skin diseases and polio. There’s also Pamukkale in Turkey, Liaoning in China, Yankalilla in Australia, Hita Japan, Mt Sinakara Peru, Pasir Putih, Malaysia, Wang Kanai Thailand, Hunza Pakistan and more.

You don’t have to look too hard to find tales of healing water all throughout history and around the world, in fact there was once a whole medical practice known as Balneology, based on treating sick people with spring water.

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How would it shift modern medicine if we remembered that water can be curative?

Well for one thing, I think we would stop treating it as an inanimate object and begin stewarding a respect for the source of life, and cultivating practices that uplift water into it’s most vital state. Because not all water is capable of healing, and in fact most water on the planet can actually make people sick. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, unclean water is implicated in 80% of all disease worldwide. 80% !!

So when we say that “water is life”, it means that water can impart life, and water can take it away. Water is a neutral receptor and the way that we treat it will be reflected back to us. 

Water is a physical body, and just like our physical bodies, it can be healthy or sick. It can be alive or dead. So what distinguishes healthy water from sick water? There are a lot of theories, both from ancient wisdom and modern science alike. 

The Mandaeans, for example, a gnostic sect indigenous to southern Iraq, say that Living water is the link between earth and what they call the world of “light“. They say only one 9th of water on the planet is living. The other 8/9ths they call black water and, while it's fine for mundane use, it can’t mediate between heaven and earth the way Living water can. 

What sets these curative waters apart?

The differences fall into 3 categories - chemical, structural, and vibrational, and they’ve all been pretty thoroughly researched. 


Let’s begin with the chemical differences. Renowned Scientist Dr. Sanetaka Shirahata has studied water from those four regions and found out that, among other properties, these miracle healing waters, all contain molecular hydrogen (H2). After measuring hydrogen in miracle healing waters from several sacred sites, researchers found that the concentration of H2 is up to 0,08 ppm (parts per million). Miracle healing waters all contain BOTH Active Hydrogen (atomic hydrogen) and Hydrogen (molecular hydrogen) in water, 200~300 times higher than normal tap water.

Let’s look at the 4 most famous sacred sites:

Lourdes Water of France

70 patients of incurable diseases received the certificates of “miracle" recoveries.

Hydrogen concentration : 800ppb

The Tlacote’s Well of Mexico

Became famous for healing Magic Johnson (the NBA player) of his AIDS.

Hydrogen concentration : 200ppb

Nordenauer Mine in Germany

Cases of healing from blood cancers and diabetes.

Hydrogen concentration : 420ppb

The Nadana’s Well of India

Famous landmark for healing skin diseases, poliomyelitis, etc.

Hydrogen concentration : 180ppb

The concentration of (H2) in conventional water (e.g. tap, bottled, filtered, etc.) is about 8.65 x 10-7 mg/L. That's less than one eight-millionth of a mg of H2. (1 ppm is about the same as 1 mg/L and they are often used interchangeably.)

So, we all know that water is H2O, right? But did you know that some water can be H3O2,  H3O +, OH −, HOD, or OD − ? Water is incredibly versatile, and it can shift its arrangements in an infinite number of ways. So we know that the most healing water has HIGH levels of atomic hydrogen and molecular hydrogen, and LOW levels of deuterium hydrogen.  But what about when water has too much oxygen?

Again, it depends on the TYPE of Oxygen. Living water sources carry a higher negative charge and hence have considerably more electrons (-) of oxygen and hydrogen (H–).  Some sources of healing water contain the H– ion, and include glacial runoff water, high altitude lakes, wells and springs and some deep groundwater sources where the aquifer has been stable for millennia.

Modern medicine has determined that almost every diseases (more than 90%) occur in a body with an abundance of active oxygen. The causes of active oxygen could be natural (when we ingest food and it is generated during the metabolic process), conversion of oxygen inhaled, harmful environment, or even drinking water that has excess Oxygen (H2O5, for example). However it develops, we know that too much active oxygen in the body alters the DNA structure and it can develop into a factor of diseases. 

So it’s no surprise that in the case of these curative springs, the hydrogen-rich water selectively eliminates active oxygens! 

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel prize winner, said "hydrogen is the fuel of life." The negative hydrogen carries beneficial oxygen (not active oxygen) into the cell where the oxygen burns the hydrogen to form ATP, the compound that all cells use for energy.  In other words, negative-ion hydrogen is a non-caloric source of cellular energy. Negative hydrogen establishes environments where pathogens cannot survive.

In fact, there have been a ton of fascinating studies conducted on the efficacy of hydrogen-rich water for healing various ailments. You can find some here, here, or here.

Water crystal from Lourdes, France


Healing waters at these sacred sites are not only structured, they have a very unique structure. 

First, let’s have a quick review of what structured water is. (I cover this deeply elsewhere, so we won’t dwell on it too much here.)

Structured water is a molecular arrangement of water molecules that, much like quartz crystal, are joined together in hexagonally structured single layer sheets. Unlike quartz, however, the sheets are flexible and move independently as they are not glued together by protons. The majority of the water in your body is structured water because your bodily tissues are hydrophilic. And the majority of water in nature is also structured, as the spiral motion of rivers and streams and springs, the geomagnetic influences in aquifers, etc. keeps it structured. Water LOSES it’s structure when it becomes stagnant, or when it heats up, or when it’s put through pressurized pipes, or when it’s forced to flow in straight lines or right angles.

That’s basics, 101.

Dr. Rustam Roy is one of the world’s foremost water structure experts, one of my heroes. He’s explained it like this: Molecular structure is like the alphabet of water.  The molecules are like the letters. But when the water is unstructured, ( What Dr. Gerald Pollack calls “bulk” water) then it’s just a nonsensical jumble of letters. Then the hydrogen bonds form and break apart billions of times per second! So there’s no time to for them to connect.  But if the water is structured, then suddenly the letters fit together. And depending upon how they are arranged (just like with the alphabet) they can carry an infinite amount of information.

Each water molecule has 440,000 panels on it, and each one is responsible for sensing, storing and transmitting information about its environment. So when all the molecules are joined together in a hexagonal lattice, when they form a crystalline structure, water transforms from a random liquid into a sentient and sensitive Being. 

If the concept of structured water is new to you, rest assured: there has been a TON of scientific research around this topic in the past 20 years. In fact, three Nobel Prizes were awarded in the 1990’s for research on clustered/organized/structured water.  This research involved the relationship between structured water and DNA, intercellular fluids, cellular communication, and protein folding.  The discoveries demonstrated that healthy DNA (in cells) is surrounded by cellular water in a crystalline (structured) matrix.  Nobel Laureates have spoken about the key role of structured water in every bio-chemical/energy reaction.

Drinking structured/crystalline water is key to health, vitality and longevity.

One of the most prolific water structure researchers, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, has published nearly 300 scientific papers on the subject.  According to Dr. Jhon,  “It is the structure of the water within our bodies that ultimately determines health or sickness.” He has suggested that drinking hexagonal water is the only realistic way of replenishing this vital component of our bodies.

In his studies of structured water and proteins, Dr. Jhon found that water surrounding normal protein (cells) formed hexagonal structures.  Whereas the water surrounding abnormal (cancer-causing) proteins had an increased number of pentagonal structures and a significantly decreased number of hexagonal structures.  Dr Jhon also found that the water surrounding normal DNA was highly hexagonally structured, which acts to stabilize the helical structure of the DNA, and forms a layer of protection against outside influences which could cause malfunctions or distortions within the DNA. 

"The water inside your cells is critical for your health. If you have a pathology (dysfunction or disease) of an organ, it is not only the proteins inside that organ that are not working, but also the water inside that organ (group of cells).  That near-protein water is not ordered the way it should be. What you could do is, re-establish a kind of ordering, if you need that entity to function properly.  Take a muscle for example, if the muscle is not functioning, it is the protein and water that are not functioning. You need plenty of this ordered/structured water and proteins in the right form to make the muscle function properly."

~Dr. Gerald Pollack, Professor Bioengineering Washington University

Structured water can be found at every natural spring, and in many bodies of water around the world. And there are many practices for structuring your own water at home, which I've covered in other posts. Suffice it to say, all structured water has hexagonal hydrogen bonds between H2O molecules. 

But the water at these specific sacred sites, as an even more unique property! There, the hydrogen bond angle opens up from 104 to 114 degrees! ANY Healing Water (Lourdes, Nordenau, Vilcabama etc) ALWAYS has a Hydrogen Bond Angle a few degrees GREATER than ordinary water (104 degrees). Distilled water, by contrast, has a Hydrogen Bond angle of ONLY 101 degrees, which is worse than tap water at 104 degrees! In the case of tap and distilled water, not only is the angle of the bond smaller, but the bonds are extremely unstable. The bonds may only form for a nanosecond at a time, then break apart. But in the healing waters, the bonds are 114* and highly stable, long-lasting, and electrostatically connected.

In a nutshell:

Everything in creation is a result of sacred geometry, and healing water is a symphony of harmonic geometries aligning and re-aligning to conduct the vibrations of life into existence.


The water of Massabielle grotto under Lourdes fountain flows at a relatively low subterranean depth and is enriched by the magnetic field of the earth. Water from the spring head fountain, which draws its strength from karst soil (filled with soluble geomagnetic rocks) near the Gave de Pau river, bolstered by the magnetism of cave rock, absorbs this electromagnetic power from the Earth, giving it conductive and attractive properties, magnetizing an abundance of electrons to neutralize free radicals in the bodies of pilgrims who drink it.

As a sentient being, just like you, water senses and remembers information. Because of its moving crystals, it perceives all vibrations around it, especially electromagnetism, light, sounds, music, songs, prayers, emotions and positive thoughts. Simply by recording this information, the water itself changes and takes on new properties and characteristics.

Unlike drinking water that has traversed the pipes of hydraulic networks of thousands of houses, suffering shocks and chemical additives throughout its journey and arriving at our faucets in a deteriorated, chaotic, almost dead state, the source waters of sacred pilgrimage sites like Lourdes have been perceiving, capturing, accumulating prayers of compassion, serenity, joy, happiness, meditation, thanks, praise, tranquility expressed by millions of visitors for centuries. They carry the electromagnetic vibrations of the Earth, and of faith. And that is undoubtedly a healing combination.