The Most Effective Weightloss Method - Hydration! How Hydration Helps You Lose More Weight Faster

To master your hydration, join us for The Daily Drip where, starting on the 21st, we will be doing a 28 day hydration challenge. Each day you’ll receive a tool or technique to improve the quality and bioavailability of your water and the receptivity of your cells for structured, energized intracellular hydration. It’s a membership community where we will all be implementing these practices together!
Or, if the community and the daily prompts aren’t your vibe and you want to deep-dive into the six steps for how to bring any water back to spring quality, including the research behind those steps and why they’re effective, then you want to get my Navigating the Waters ecourse. It’s a simple 7 day minicourse that will set you up for lifelong hydration.
Here’s what one student had to say about Navigating the Waters:
**SUBJECT: I binged NW**
**MESSAGE: “I have just finished the 7 day course in 24 hours. SO informational and transformational. Highly recommended. There are some courses you do and forget over time - this is not one of those. You can never forget what you have just learnt. Thank you - brilliant!”
~Joy Menzies
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