The Hydrating Power of Carbon-60 ... How to Improve Your Hydration with C60 Fullerenes Buckyballs

C60, or Carbon-60, has been called the “miracle molecule.” It’s one of the most effective things ever studied for longevity. In studies with mice, C60 was able to double and even triple their lifespan! It has been shown to be 172 times more effective than vitamin C as an anti-oxidant, as one single C-60 molecule can capture at least 34 oxygen radicals, which are oxidizing free radicals that cause cellular damage and aging.
These C60 fullerenes are little clathrate sacred geometries, a unique shape called buckyballs, with sixty carbon atoms, it’s the most complex yet symmetrical form the carbon atom can take. They’re special because they can hold a tremendous amount of hydrogen, giving them tons of extra electrons.
If you’ve taken my courses, then you know that the more hydrogen is in your body, the more hydrated you are, and that your bodies electrical charge (amount of excess electrons) also translates directly to your level of hydration. So C60 not only helps your body retain hydration, it helps your body put it to good use! Because C60 can stay in your body for weeks, hanging onto Hydrogen, hanging out in the mitochondria, and (due to it’s high symmetry and coherence) bringing more coherence to your biowater in the process.
It’s also fantastic for helping to mitigate any radiation damage that your biowater may have sustained from being in the presence of EMFs, like wifi routers, digital devices, cell phone towers, power lines, microwave ovens, etc...
 This is SO important, I really can’t overstate the critical issue of protecting both your drinking water AND your body water from harmful EMF influences. In fact, EMF-fighting fullerenes are deemed so important that the scientists who discovered them won a Noble Prize in Chemistry in 1996, and the discovery was named a National Historic Chemical Landmark.
And research has indicated there’s a decrease in the histamine in the bloodstream of folks who take C-60, making it super anti-inflammatory and hydrating (as heightened histamines are one of the main biomarkers of dehydration).
Quality is crucial when it comes to Carbon-60, as there’s a lot of shwag and knock-offs on the market. So you can find my top recommendations for quality C60 in the “supplements” collection at In particular, I love this one and this one. And you can use the code WATERISLIFE for a discount.