Tensor Ring Technology - How These Simple Copper Devices Structure Water


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One of my favorite ways to influence water’s structure and protect it from EMFs is with Tensor rings… Tensor Ring technology was developed by Slim Spurling and Bill Reid in the 1990s. According to research by Hans Becker, they amplify coherent subtle energy by several hundred times.


One of the ways Tensor Rings augment water’s energy is through the influence of paramagnetism. According to Phillip Callahan, an expert on paramagnetism, Tensor Rings have an astonishingly high paramagnetic value. They tend to “organise the space” or create coherence in their column.


Each ring is a mini-superconductor that neutralizes radiant EMF’s, brings coherency into chaotic energies, and stabilizes, balances, and harmonizes the bio-magnetic energy fields of drinking water, and your body of water. They are known to even reduce or relieve pain by bringing coherence to incoherent biowater. You also can use this technology to help reduce discomfort and stress, help speed up the recovery process, combat fatigue, relieve allergy symptoms, enhance the flavor, structure, and vivacity of water for drinking and watering plants.


The first Tensor Rings were based on the ancient Egyptian Cubit, a measurement discovered in the king’s chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza.The cubit is a multiple of the radius of the hydrogen atom and the wavelength of visible light on earth. And since water is mostly hydrogen and photons (light particles), it strongly influences water.


In fact, these rings are known to exhibit a profound effect on water. It may cause some of the elements in water to spin to their high-spin state, called ormus. You can see this for yourself, with this experiment: Place two equal amounts of water in identical containers on a balance scale so they’re equally balanced. Place a Tensor Ring directly over one container. After two days, the container with the Ring above it becomes measurably lighter (the difference in weight is dependent on the TDS of minerals or salts in the water, which are what vibrate up to the lighter high-spin state).


This is because Tensor Rings are superconductors at room temperature and produce positive subtle energy effects. This has been verified by laboratories and a number of different scientists. The energetic column created by the ring organizes the space within it. As water passes through one, its molecules cohere into crystallinity; and the longer it sits inside the column, the more refined the water structure becomes.


Tensor Rings can be used around a container of water, around faucets, showerheads or the incoming water line. As the structure of the water becomes more organized, chlorine is neutralized and the taste generally improves.


It is one of the most useful devices for protecting yourself, your water, and your environment, from the effects of manmade EMFs and other toxic subtle influences. And it is often used to add or preserve the “information” that is imprinted to water, such as prayer or programming.


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