Molecular Hydrogen Enriched Water

And you can get your hands on every single one of these hydrogen water sources at:


There are countless ways in which water is the ultimate healer, and most have nothing to do with just drinking more water. It’s much more about the quality of that water, ESPECIALLY how much hydrogen is in the water.


We all know water is H2O, dihydrogen oxide. But some water can actually contain higher levels of hydrogen. And the more hydrogen is in your water, the more hydrating it is. As Nobel prize winner Dr. Szent-Gyorgi said, “hydrogen is the fuel of life."


It helps our cells generate hydro-electric energy! That’s prana, mana, chi, life-force energy.

And it is the most fundamental antioxidant in nature. Hydrogen-rich water both neutralizes toxins AND washes them away.


Molecular hydrogen has been well researched. Hundreds of studies have now established the significance of hydrogen enrichment. Benefits include antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulation of energy metabolism, improved glucose metabolism, protection against brain trauma & cognitive disorders, and remediation of many age-related symptoms. In fact, it’s generating a lot of buzz among medical researchers who link it to helping battle more than five dozen different diseases.


In our modern society, most people are hydrogen depleted, which means their bodies don’t have enough primal life force energy to thrive.


When we think of hydration, we think of water. But when the body calls for water, it is mostly hydrogen that it wants. In fact hydrogen, in latin, literally means …. Hydro-water, and gen-creator. It’s the creative force of water!


Even at a quantum level hydrogen plays a vital role in immune function, giving our cells the electrons they need to do their work. We all remember from Miss Frizzle that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and the batteries of the body, right? They ultimately facilitate energy production. So within each mitochondria there are these sort of like wind turbines that spin really fast, generating energy, and the rotation speed of these spinning turbines determines how efficiently you create energy. If these spinning energy generators are like wind turbines, then hydrogen is the wind that powers them to spin. As hydrogen is fed into these spinning spirals, they rotates faster, producing energy, and creating higher magnetic fields. The less hydrogen that enters the turbine, the less it rotates and this means less energy production, higher chance of illness and a weakened magnetic field. How do we get more molecular hydrogen in our bodies of water?

There are several ways!


The SpringAqua filter infuses water with stable dissolved hydrogen after filtration. -


You can also dissolve hydrogen tablets in your water, or use a magnesium rod -


Or take a hydrogen supplement called MegaHydrate -


Or use nano-colloids that have a high “zeta potential” which draws hydrogen to themselves -


Or buy hydrogen-rich bottled water, which comes in a special little pouch so the hydrogen atoms don’t volatalize out of the liquid. -


And you can get your hands on every single one of these hydrogen water sources at: