EMF Protection for Intracellular Hydration

Water can’t be absorbed by the body when you’re in the presence of strong man-made electromagnetic fields because they literally short out the piezoelectric charge at the cell membrane, so it can’t absorb hydration.
Then, if you’re around EMFs all the time, your gap junctions can actually begin to resonate at a different frequency than they're designed to.
So if you’re ALREADY in a dehydrated state, which most people are, you end up accumulating cellular toxins because you don’t have that electrical energy flow, which means a lack of detoxifying water flowing out of the cell and nourient-carrying water flowing into the cell.
Then when you add in exposure to cell phones, Wi-Fi routers and other wireless technologies that output high amounts of electrical resonance, your already disconnected cells can resonate to the wrong frequency, impairing cellular function.
So this often overlooked aspect of your hydration strategy is really key. EMFs cause and exacerbate dehydration, aging, cellular degeneration, oxidative damage, etc.
It's crucial to invest in some high quality EMF protection tools like those found in the “EMF Protection” collection on waterislife.shop