Double Helix Water - New Discovery in Water Science for Immunity, Longevity and Genetic Health


Double Helix Water might be one of my favorite scientific discoveries of the entire 20th century. It has the potential to unlock the therapeutic capacities of the highly structured water molecules within our own genetic structures. The double helix of your DNA is held in its chiral structure by water molecules in between the genes.


You can see under an atomic force microscope that pure water alone will cluster and organise itself as 100 nanometer cells in these polarised pairs of double helixes, giving us a glimpse into the way biological cells and DNA structures first form themselves around the primary organising principle of living water. This is literally the primary foundation of life itself! The basis of DNA! The very way in which “water is life” and water gives rise to all living things!


So what does this mean for our health, as bodies of water?


Well, your genetic health is dependent on the health of the water between your genes. So when bulk/unstructured or deuterium-heavy DNA water causes the DNA to no longer be able to fold properly, it stays stretched out and the cell keeps replicating instead of resting like a normal cell. This means less telomeres, premature aging, and your cells replicate more sub-optimal genes.


As Dr. Carly Nuday said, “When one is knowledgeable of the critical role highly structured water plays in determining the shape, integrity, and electromagnetic field of the DNA, it is possible to recognize the connection between a loss of structure in the cellular fluids and a corresponding loss of integrity in the telomeres of the DNA. This connection is the important one to look at when trying to reduce the symptoms and expressions of aging, decrease accelerated aging processes, or increase longevity.


Interestingly, you can see a huge difference between the body water of a younger versus an older person, specifically the water surrounding their DNA. After a lifetime of dehydration and inflammation, the water in the DNA relaxes it’s structure and can’t hold the phosphate backbone of double helixes as tightly. But when that water is double-helixy, it shields the DNA from excess heat and UV photodamage.

Double Helix Water has been studied for over 25 years and is the subject matter of 36 published research articles. It has been clinically shown to improve your body’s immune system as well as fight inflammation and normalize cell membrane voltage potential, which in return regulates proper cell function. This therapeutic effect on cell membranes is partially what makes it so fantastic for skincare as well!


It’s also particularly popular among professional athletes, who notice pain relief and quicker recovery times.

Of course, we often hear about the fountain of youth, right? It’s not a river of youth. Not an ocean of youth. Not a faucet of youth. It’s a fountain. It’s a spring. The key to youth and longevity lies in the quality of our inner waters.


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