Crystal Energy Drops ~ Wetter Water for Better Hydration

Crystal Energy Water is the liquid form of a revolutionary technology called Flanagan Microclusters. It is a water treatment that lowers the surface tension of water, microclusters it’s molecules for easier cellular absorption, helps the water transport nutrients into cells and toxins out of cells, and turns the water into a highly therapeutic longevity tonic. 

Crystal Energy is the first product Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented after studying Hunza water under Dr. Henri Coanda. Dr Coanda (father of fluid dynamics and nobel prize winner) spent six decades studying water in the Hunza Valley, where people routinely lived to 120 years in good health with virtually no cancer or degenerative disease. They were even able to bear children in old age. He discovered that water in the Hunza Valley had a unique structure and an extraordinary amount of antioxidants. Crystal Energy Drops are the result of these decades of research, and replicate the attributes of the incredible medicinal water found in the Hunza Valley.

At the surface tension of 45 dynes/cm (as opposed to 73 dynes/cm in regular drinking water), this water is literally wetter, increases the zeta potential (negative electrical charge) of our blood cells, and acts as a natural pH buffer.


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