BioWater - How To Optimize Your Body Water

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It really doesn't matter how much water you drink - what matters is how much your body can absorb and retain. Your body is 70% water volumetrically, and 99.92% water molecularly.


We are bodies of water, and water is life. So leveraging the health and vitality of our internal waters is the KEY to a long, thriving life. And this simple shift in perception holds the missing keys in health, wellness, vitality and embodiment.


According to Dr. Carly Nuday, “When we realize that aging – and disease – are in fact by-products or symptoms of the loss of structure in our cellular fluids, and not the causative effect, we arrive at a more effective approach to treatment that is based on the actual mechanics of our biology.”


Life was born in the ocean. It was only by adapting to carry the Earth’s oceans within us as our own bloodstream that we can sustain terrestrially adaped bodies. The waters you carry are the blood of Mother Earth. You are a drop of the ocean, and your health depends on maintaining aquatic balance, in the same way that Mother Earth’s health depends on the health of the oceans.


As Yogi Ramacharaka said, “the very cells composing the body are virtually and actually marine organisms — tiny aquatic animals in fact — capable of existence only when surrounded by a saline solution of water.” .


The tools in the “bodywater” section of will help you maintain deep intracellular hydration and a high phase angle of electrical conductivity in your biowater.


Find biowater optimization tools here: