Analemma Water Wand - Structured Energized Water for Biohacking Hydration, Longevity and Anti-Aging


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What if you could turn back time and age backwards by 1-12 years within only 3 months?


Introducing the Ferrari of biohacking hydration ~ The Analemma Water Wand, which effectively structures AND energizes your drinking water. T


hey used a cutting-edge GlycanAge test to evaluate the biological age of study participants drinking this water. Not to be equated with your chronological age, biological age is a measure of your fundamental health. 99% of the study participants saw an incredible 1-12 years of biological revitalization within only 3 months of drinking Analemma water.


Why’s it so effective? Well… normal water has an electrical capacity of 150 to 300 mV. After just a couple of swirls with Aǹalemma wand, the electrical capacity of that same water upsurges by a staggering 300%!

So this water can conduct 3 times more prana, mana, chi, or energy that gets translated directly to our cells, rejuvenating and restoring our entire system.


AND, within half an hour of drinking Analemma water, most people experience brainwave synchronization, aka neural entrainment, when measured with EEG.

That’s when both sides of your brain work in harmony, creating more presence, clarity, calm, focus, and awareness. It’s like tuning the instruments of your left and right brain hemispheres so they start to play in harmony, rather than discord.


The water wand is the result of 14 years of research by Dolph Zantinge and his team in the laboratory of a Nobel Prize winner.

It takes a full year to program the water inside the wand, and its programming stays stable indefinitely, regardless of circumstance.


So, how would it feel to increase your youth, energy and vitality by up to 300%, while synchronizing your brainwaves to a calmer state of mind?


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