Protium™ Generator - 3 PPM molecular H2 Water Bottle

Vendor LiteWater
Protium™ Generator - 3 PPM molecular H2 Water Bottle
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This rechargeable unit produces hydrogen gas bubbles that dissolve in water. One cycle runs for 3 minutes to achieve @ 1.2 ppm molecular H2 infusion. 

Ideally, fill to the top and run for 3 cycles (9 minutes) and get upto 3 ppm molecular hydrogen in your water.  One charge will last about 20 cycles.

This is the perfect water bottle for drinking your Litewater infused with H2.

Using the Protium Generator with Litewater will assure that the molecular hydrogen you are getting is deuterium depleted. 

Platinum coated titanium electrodes, DuPont membrane, double walled glass, 350 mL capacity.

1 Year Warranty


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