H2 Relief - Hydrogen Soak

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H2 Relief - Hydrogen Soak
H2 Relief - Hydrogen Soak
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H2 Relief are easy to use molecular hydrogen bath tablets, just drop them in water and let them dissolve to create water rich in nanobubbles of hydrogen.

The topical hydrogen water reinvigorates your complexion and plumps up your skin. It helps muscles relax and reduces wrinkle lines. Topical hydrogen supports healing from injury and skin conditions.


How is Topical Hydrogen Water Different?


H2 Relief Topical Hydrogen Water Tablets produce more hydrogen and retain higher amounts of hydrogen in the water. No other type of product is as convenient to use. No other product has been so rigorously tested or studied.


Relaxation and Recovery

For sore muscles drop 5-10 tablets in a full tub of water, bathe for 15 minutes to desired amount of time. Add more tablets as necessary. 


For intense aches, pains, and sprains add 1 tablet to every 1-3 liters of water and submerge the affected area.

For a muscle-relaxing hydrogen bath, drop 5-7 H2 relief bath tablets in a full-sized tub and soak. Use on acute issues too! Drop one tablet per liter in a bathtub and soak the applied area for 15 minutes. 


A case study on hydrogen bath soak regarding a grade 2 ankle tear in a professional soccer player, and a full randomized controlled trial comparing hydrogen water baths with the RICE protocol (rest, ice, compress and elevate), on professional soccer players who have suffered a grade 2 ankle tear. 


It noted considerable swelling reductions in just 24 hours.


The full clinical trial also saw great benefits and was just published as a presentation for the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine with results equivalent to the RICE protocol after 24 hours. 


What is important to note is that the RICE protocol is fantastic for immediate swelling reduction, which hydrogen water was shown to be slightly better at. 


The criticism of the RICE protocol is that the ice component of the therapy decreases blood plasma flow, and as such, slows down healing time. It becomes a trade-off where comfort and pain reduction are pursued at the expense of recovery. 


Bathing in hydrogen water, in this pilot study, appeared to be the equivalent to the RICE protocol in the RICE protocol’s strengths, namely swelling reduction. 


The published literature suggests that topical hydrogen therapy will INCREASE blood plasma flow, meaning it should speed up healing, rather than decrease it. 


This is a very important consideration. If the results are replicated, it could lead to the mass use of topical hydrogen water as standard therapy for soft tissue injuries, as the current standard protocol is in fact the RICE protocol. (full presentation below)



1. Javorac, Dejan, et al. “Case Report: Acute Hydrotherapy with Super-Saturated Hydrogen-Rich Water for Ankle Sprain in a Professional Athlete.” F1000Research, F1000 Research Limited, 8 Apr. 2020, f1000research.com/articles/9-245/v1. 

2. Presentation for the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine 



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