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The special edition Era Decanter features the ancient Flower of Life symbol etched on the glass body by Bohemian glass artisans. Perfect for the Gemstone Vial FLOWER OF LIFE with Amethyst and Aquamarine.

LOVE WHAT YOU DRINK. This glass decanter with its stainless steel lid is the best vessel to hold our  VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials (not included) securely in place.  This special edition features an extra-large Flower of Life symbol on the glass part of the bottle. Made by master glass artisans in Bohemia.

We recommend our Gemstone Vial FLOWER OF LIFE with Amethyst, Aquamarine & Clear Quartz for this special carafe. The blend has been composed with crystal healing experts to support the Flower of Life ornament. As a set, they are perfect to infuse your drinking water with positive vibes.

EAN 4260228313108
Comes With glass decanter, stainless steel lid
Dimensions & Weight volume 1,3 Liter, height 35,5cm, diameter ca. 11cm
Material heavy-metal-free glass, stainless steel, silicone
Care dishwasher-proof



  • Drink Gemwater Every Day; Anywhere You Go - vibrationally charge your water with gemstone energy!
  • Safe Crystal Energy Infusion - Our stones don't touch the water, with a two-chamber concept provides all the benefits from the crystal energies without the fear of contamination.
  • Combine Beauty And Function - Our beautifully crafted bottles are constructed from high-density borosilicate glass. A well-designed glass barrier separates your water from the gemstones.
  • Real Crystals - Avoid fake crystals made from dangerous and vibrationally dull resins, glasses, and plastics. 
  • Makes the Perfect Gift - Our set is the ideal gift for the crystal healing enthusiast. Your friends will get to experience pure energy right out of the box.


You can create your own gem-essences and gem-elixirs at home with elegant crystal-filled glass accessories. When water is near a crystal for some time, it causes the water’s molecules to rearrange their structure to match that of the crystal. It’s a property known as “epitaxy” or “transference,” where any solid or liquid that is highly coherent (like a crystal) will bring more coherence to any random (bulk) water that it is in or near. So, if you have quartz in your water, for example, the hexagonal silicone dioxide, SiO2 structure will lower the waters surface tension and align the dihydrogen oxide molecules into hexagonal rings that match the hexagonal matrices of the quartz.

If you’re feeling skeptical, that’s ok. But know this, the practice of infusing water with crystals has been around for thousands of years AND has been proven by various studies including a Nobel prize-winning study from 2006 by Dr. Gilbert Ling, which showed how water stores energetic imprints. And Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig also proved that these imprints left on the water are transferable to other living organisms (like humans). Dr. Patrick Flanagan and Dr. Marcel Vogel also did pioneering research into the effects of crystals in water, and their effects on the human body. But the best proof is personal experience! Try drinking gem-water, make your own body water more crystalline, and notice the incredible difference you feel!