Best Selling Water Additives Bundle

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Best Selling Water Additives Bundle
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  1. QuintEssential 3.3-Quinton Hypertonic on-the-go sachets
  • The premier choice for MINERALIZING, adding life force back into your RO water.
  • Pure unadulterated seawater
  • Containing 78 minerals and trace elements not found  in our daily food supply
  • Harvested from vortex plankton blooms with specific energetic and living properties
  • Immediately invigorating enhances energy
  • Supports proper genetic expression.
  • Longest history of any nutraceutical- since 1897
  • Can use before, during, and after intense activity
  1. Active H2 + Chromax
  • The most ADVANCED molecular hydrogen on the market
  • The #1 one tablet option for METABOLIC health.
  • High concentration hydrogen-infused water with 1,000 mcg of CHROMAX chromium (clinically validated in over 35 human studies). 
  • H2= master selective antioxidant- neutralizes the most damaging free radicals.
  • Support metabolic and cardiovascular health, energy, athletic performance, and recovery. 
  • Blood sugar- supports balanced glucose, enhances insulin sensitivity, manages cravings, caloric intake, and positively impacts body composition.
  • Better body- Support sustained weight loss by enhancing lean body composition.
  • Brain- promotes a positive mood, memory, recall.
  1. Active RIBOSE C:
  • The preferred HIGH potency, Vitamin C (4,000 mg) without stomach upset.   
  • 4 pathways for absorption, ensuring SUPERIOR bioavailability
  • Mixes well with any beverage, pleasant taste, non-acidic
  • Supports immune system, collagen synthesis, structural integrity of the body, 
  • Contains d-ribose, methylated glycine, MSM for additional benefits
  1. Active pH Restore:
  • The VERY best buffering solution to support systemic health and true alkalinity.
  • Provides potassium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, potassium glycinate, and sodium bicarbonate
  • Important for those who eat an acidic diet of meat, dairy, sugar, coffee.
  • Great in your morning coffee!


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