64 ARK Crystal "Isotropic Vector Matrix"

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64 ARK Crystal "Isotropic Vector Matrix"
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How does the ARK crystal work?

Highly structured [potentiated] water is easily absorbed by the cell, promoting a more efficient exchange of information and energy between the quantum vacuum and the cellular matrix.

Studies have shown that the ARK crystal causes an energetic shift in the bonds of the water molecule, making it more metabolically available - optimizing hydration, enhancing feelings of well-being and vitality.

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Precision Geometric Quartz

The ARK crystal is precision geometric quartz (PGQ), manufactured via hydrothermal synthesis over two and a half years. Each PGQ is then treated by the Harmonic Flux Resonator, modulating it with a specific frequency designed to stimulate the piezoelectric axis of the crystal. Thus, coupling the crystal with certain modes of the quantum vacuum fluctuations, and formally classifying it as PGQmem (precision geometric quartz modulated electromagnetically).


The Hardware

The “saddle” is the titanium structure around the ARK crystal, containing a system of rotating cylindrical magnets and silicon bumpers. Titanium for its biocompatibility, magnets to allow for modularity and silicon bumpers to suspend the crystal so its oscillation from the HFR remains undampened.

The saddle is not only protective but allows the ARK crystal to secure within accessories and connect to others to create larger tetrahedral structures. This modular feature is convenient for users to both wear and have the technology available to remove and structure drinking water.


Harmonic Flux Resonator

The Harmonic Flux Resonator (HFR), a magnetohydrodynamic device, is one of the resonance-based technologies developed at Torus Tech. The HFR, inside of a copper isolation chamber, produces a spinning superfluid plasma via a rapidly rotating magnetic field (with a double torus topology).

When exposed to the toroidal structured spin-field, the oscillatory frequency of the quartz crystalline lattices (PGQ) are coupled with the quantum harmonic oscillations of the vacuum energy of space, such that even when the crystals are removed from the HFR’s field, they retain the vibrational spin modes engendered (PGQmem) by the coherent field dynamic of the HFR.

Each ARK crystal is then a fractal of the larger toroidal field of the HFR, where molecular coherency may be sustained indefinitely.

Quantum Vacuum - The Unified Field

Scientists have discovered that when all classical sources of matter and energy are removed, creating what is referred to as a vacuum, there is still energy present, even at absolute zero.

This discovery has redefined empty space with the definition of a quantum vacuum – a substantive quantized medium filled with harmonic zero-point energy oscillations. This sea of continuous energetic oscillations has now been identified by some physicists as the elemental source of all mass, form, and structure. To give rise to mass, form, and structure, the quantum vacuum must have coherent modes of oscillations. The geometry of these oscillation modes are now being discovered by scientists to have very fundamental functions at the base of reality, and that this constant flux of quantum energy is intrinsically and integrally entangled.

This universal network of the vacuum harmonic oscillations of the zero-point field can be considered as information exchange in innumerable quantum computational units, or Planck spherical oscillators, where each Planck sphere is one bit of information. It is this unified spacememory network that informs and connects all things to produce coherence, order, and systems intelligence.



It is perhaps no coincidence then that 90% of the Earth’s crust is silica (such as quartz), and 71% of the surface is water. The dynamic energetic interaction of these two substances comprising most of the surface is one reason Earth is such a hospitable place for life to thrive.

The water molecule has a tetrahedral geometry, just like that of quartz and the fundamental geometry of the quantum field — enabling a significant structural resonance across these quintessential domains. ARK crystal technology represents a distillation and refinement of this natural beneficial interrelationship.

When water becomes potentiated (or structured) its capacity to hold information and energy increases.

The ARK crystal has a highly coherent interaction with water, positively structuring it at the molecular level, increasing its intrinsic bioenergy, thus making it more bioavailable, optimizing growth and vitality in biological systems.


Experimental Validation

Biological systems are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment, and certainly plants are most sensitive to changes in the energy and quality levels of the water that feeds them. Highly structured water is easily absorbed by the cell, promoting more efficient and effective transportation of nutrients and waste.

A series of experiments on plant biology have and continue to be performed to validate the “modulatory ordering effects” (potentiation or improvement) of water when exposed to the ARK crystal’s effective field of interaction. Both plant specimens and water samples demonstrate significant differences in several physical properties, as compared to controls – water that had no exposure to the ARK crystals.

Results of testing on parameters of biological vitality, as indicated in key plant species, demonstrate increases in growth density, growth rates, seed viability, pathogen resistance, phytonutrient concentration, and resistance to disease.

Further validation, including third party and double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical trials are ongoing. 

Current published experimental validation can be found in our Water Report.


The Isotropic Vector Matrix (IVM) represents the universal pattern of energy when in the zero point equilibrium state.


  • Isotropic means “the same everywhere.”
  • Vector means “energy dynamic.”
  • Matrix means “a pattern of lines and spaces.”




💧 REMEMBER - Never put your ARK crystal directly in water.💎 Just *near* the water


A product of over 30 years of research, the ARK crystal has been shown to-


ARK Crystal - Physical Benefits

water drop

Improved Flexibility


Improved Balance


 Improved Strength 

stop watch

Improved Endurance

*Pilot Human Study Report

How Does The ARK Crystal Work?

Highly structured [potentiated] water is easily absorbed by the cell, promoting a more efficient exchange of information and energy between the quantum vacuum and the cellular matrix. Studies have shown that the ARK crystal causes an energetic shift in the bonds of the water molecule, making it more metabolically available - optimizing hydration, enhancing feelings of well-being and vitality.



pieces of the ARK crystal

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