Energy — Mineral-Infused Aromatic Therapy

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Energy — Mineral-Infused Aromatic Therapy
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Energy is the alive, awake state of being ready for action, projects, and family with alertness, vigor, and anticipation. OmniBlue’s ENERGY formula is specifically created to stimulate endorphin and neuron receptors in your brain. With the flash of our Energy mist into your olfactory and skin microcirculation, you can be transported and catalyzed into a new state of renewed alertness and fresh sense of energy. For those moments where you need a creative burst of clear energy, enjoy OmniBlue’s ENERGY. Happy Misting!

With ENERGY you can mineralize your body, hydrate your skin, and experience positive mood shifts using our proprietary blend of the world's highest quality plant, root, and flower essentials in our new OmniBlue™ Mineral-Infused Aromatic Therapy.

Simply mist our formulas into your palms and experience the instantly refreshing and vitalizing effects of our essential oil therapeutics through your olfactory system and into the brain. Follow by applying to your forearms, feet, ears, neck, and chest. At the same time, you will feel the synergy of our ocean minerals and sublime organic essences together entering your microcirculation with hydrating power and full-spectrum mineral replenishment!

Nourish Your Cells Change Your Life!

OmniBlue™ ENERGY

Invigorates and revitalizes you throughout the day. ENERGY boosts mental activity and increases concentration. Improves memory by aiding in retention of information.

Mineralized Therapy

The perfect touch of minerals to nourish and open your skin’s microcirculation, empowering the aromatic therapy to deliver results. Simply mist our formulas into your palms and instantly experience the effects of our essential oil therapeutics through your olfactory system and into the brain. (NOT for use in diffusers.)

100% Pure and Natural

We have infused the power of our minerals with especially selected pure, organic essential oils from around the world derived from premium, hand-harvested, sustainably wildcrafted plants and flowers. No artificial ingredients or preservatives—just 100% natural and premium ingredients.

Therapeutic Grade

Small batch soft-steam distillation preserves the integrity of the whole plant and its most subtle oils, delivering the full benefits of the whole plant.



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